Bible Versions

I watched these two videos and honestly I think these are the things they should teach every believer in Christ to end arguing my friends. I pray any who are trying to grow in God. Watch both videos then you can choose one of these paths. You can either go follow men and their knowledge and listen to videos about which bible is correct, but perhaps you are a broken sinner and don’t have time for that stuff. When I was broken all I wanted to know was how do I fix myself. So if that is you welcome to my page! I love you!

Start seeking God, asking God to help you overcome your sin. To give you a new heart, shed some tears to God like a baby. Say prayers often. read your Word, Go to church with open ears and an open heart. if they don’t preach the Gospel, run my friends that is what I believe. and even those who do speak bible. Listen to what they say, take it to prayer. read past a few verses or two get some chapters in you. Listen to the Bible, change your music.

Let God change you my friends and that happens when we sit with God and we want God. if you go to the bible to argue and fight and try and doubt you will see what you want. Either way this is only written for growth I like what was said which one do I use? (see the second video!) P.S feel free to go research the subject more if you desire but truth be told I think if your in sin better just to pick up a bible and ask God to heal you through it. Just my advice friends. have a blessed day dear people! I truly do pray God remove all stumbling blocks religions has put on the lost in Jesus name Amen!I love every single bible version I own! and am happy to own them! ❤ Just being honest!

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