Baptize Your Heart.

To you oh God I will sit and listen. By your feet I will fall. face forward, Arms wide open! I AM YOURS! Lord use me. Help me! I stand with you by faith, I am healed. By your Words., by my lessons in life, I did learn, and my God some it was not the good way.

I was hard headed. I fell, I slipped.  I was broken. on my knees face forward, I fell. Lower then dirt, I stumbled, I couldn’t walk. Help me God. I arose, I lift my eyes up to the sky. My God I need some help, I have no strength, I am weary. I am have not fainted. I am a dead vessel. I hate this life, I waxed cold from the things others have done to me. I am broken. my whole life I was beaten. I was robbed. I was walked all over and you know God you seen every second. Every tear I ever cried.

You heard my voice when I cried out to you in the moon and watch the stars, it was night then, it was so dark. My life was shattered. You built me up. The sun came up, my eyes are on God. I rejoice. I sing you praises! My God it is wonderful to praise you! to bless you! to not pray dreary things anymore. To give you praises! to worship your Name! My God is it such a delight! I thank you SO MUCH FOR TAKING ALL THAT PAIN AWAY! all that hurt, all that suffering I gave it to God and NOW I AM DANCING! SMILING! THANKING GOD!

Thank you LORD for being WONDERFUL! For answering your Word for me and many for thousands of years, your Word has been tested, they try and trample it but they CAN’T STOMP IT OUT! God is SO WONDERFUL!

If you use the things other do in life, to do what they did to others, or even worst do worst things to your self. I pray many forgive, as the WONDERFUL Words of Jesus. for honestly until you forgive and let the past go, hard to make a future my friends and if you found out your course could change would you want to quit?

You might not be able to change the past, you can’t change other people, and even if you can’t change others, or yourself. let God change you dear people.  a broken heart is what it took for me to see God. Matthew Chapter 5 although many will mock it, it is still a lot truth in it. Also, add Psalm 51 in the mix. have a blessed day dear people!

God is the Potter and I think truly but a small thing for God to fix the heart of those seeking. I mean so much testimony of it everywhere, seems to be such a tiny thing God fulfills every day! There is powerrrrrrrrrrrr in the name of Jesus!!! There is POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRR IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! Man! I love that song!! It never gets old no matter how many times you hear it. Or it doesn’t to me anyway! have a blessed day dear people!

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