Baptize Your Heart.

To you oh God I will sit and listen. By your feet I will fall. face forward, Arms wide open! I AM YOURS! Lord use me. Help me! I stand with you by faith, I am healed. By your Words., by my lessons in life, I did learn, and my God some it was not the good way.

I was hard headed. I fell, I slipped.  I was broken. on my knees face forward, I fell. Lower then dirt, I stumbled, I couldn’t walk. Help me God. I arose, I lift my eyes up to the sky. My God I need some help, I have no strength, I am weary. I am have not fainted. I am a dead vessel. I hate this life, I waxed cold from the things others have done to me. I am broken. my whole life I was beaten. I was robbed. I was walked all over and you know God you seen every second. Every tear I ever cried.

You heard my voice when I cried out to you in the moon and watch the stars, it was night then, it was so dark. My life was shattered. You built me up. The sun came up, my eyes are on God. I rejoice. I sing you praises! My God it is wonderful to praise you! to bless you! to not pray dreary things anymore. To give you praises! to worship your Name! My God is it such a delight! I thank you SO MUCH FOR TAKING ALL THAT PAIN AWAY! all that hurt, all that suffering I gave it to God and NOW I AM DANCING! SMILING! THANKING GOD!

Thank you LORD for being WONDERFUL! For answering your Word for me and many for thousands of years, your Word has been tested, they try and trample it but they CAN’T STOMP IT OUT! God is SO WONDERFUL!

If you use the things other do in life, to do what they did to others, or even worst do worst things to your self. I pray many forgive, as the WONDERFUL Words of Jesus. for honestly until you forgive and let the past go, hard to make a future my friends and if you found out your course could change would you want to quit?

You might not be able to change the past, you can’t change other people, and even if you can’t change others, or yourself. let God change you dear people.  a broken heart is what it took for me to see God. Matthew Chapter 5 although many will mock it, it is still a lot truth in it. Also, add Psalm 51 in the mix. have a blessed day dear people!

God is the Potter and I think truly but a small thing for God to fix the heart of those seeking. I mean so much testimony of it everywhere, seems to be such a tiny thing God fulfills every day! There is powerrrrrrrrrrrr in the name of Jesus!!! There is POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRR IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! Man! I love that song!! It never gets old no matter how many times you hear it. Or it doesn’t to me anyway! have a blessed day dear people!

Bible Versions

I watched these two videos and honestly I think these are the things they should teach every believer in Christ to end arguing my friends. I pray any who are trying to grow in God. Watch both videos then you can choose one of these paths. You can either go follow men and their knowledge and listen to videos about which bible is correct, but perhaps you are a broken sinner and don’t have time for that stuff. When I was broken all I wanted to know was how do I fix myself. So if that is you welcome to my page! I love you!

Start seeking God, asking God to help you overcome your sin. To give you a new heart, shed some tears to God like a baby. Say prayers often. read your Word, Go to church with open ears and an open heart. if they don’t preach the Gospel, run my friends that is what I believe. and even those who do speak bible. Listen to what they say, take it to prayer. read past a few verses or two get some chapters in you. Listen to the Bible, change your music.

Let God change you my friends and that happens when we sit with God and we want God. if you go to the bible to argue and fight and try and doubt you will see what you want. Either way this is only written for growth I like what was said which one do I use? (see the second video!) P.S feel free to go research the subject more if you desire but truth be told I think if your in sin better just to pick up a bible and ask God to heal you through it. Just my advice friends. have a blessed day dear people! I truly do pray God remove all stumbling blocks religions has put on the lost in Jesus name Amen!I love every single bible version I own! and am happy to own them! ❤ Just being honest!

Sick and tired

Sometimes in your life you just have to get sick and tired of being sick in tired. one thing I noticed in my life, it not hardly any people who just naturally bless God.  It is not hardly any who are born with the perfect life.  Most people have to get sick and tired. and honestly, this is the same for the person who has depression, the person who is obese, the person who can’t walk, the person who drinks to much, the ones who do drugs, the ones caught in abusive relationships. You either get sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you give up or you get sick and tired of being sick and tired and that makes you rise up.

I don’t speak like religion and honestly, I am tired of religion. I love Church, not all churches are bad, not all are good. it is the same with people. I was not taught by religion. I found God from seeking God. I believe any can find God if they do the same thing. As a Bible believer, I believe God wanted people to live.

I also know until people want change it will not happen. Many say they can do things on their own then they struggle. others are able to break the pattern and rise up. I mostly speak to those who can’t rise up. I was one of those people. I sat many hours in prayers with God and I am going to speak the things God spoke to me. You want change. You change your life. There was a time I was going to church almost seven days a week. I didn’t tell people. I did not do it so I can write about now and boast.

I did it because everyone I knew was doing drugs. people were dying. I wanted change. I would rather sit in church, then hang with my friends. I was tired of struggling and I tell you I am thankful I did.  I had already had so much witness of God in my life I was not going to church for them I was going to church for me.

It just comes a time in life you have to sit down and examine your life, what are you doing? Where are you going? Do you want this for your self?  I don’t know what everyone else wants, but honestly when I was doing what the world was doing that stuff was not happy to me.

I love church because honestly even though some gossip in church many people in the world gossip too so I just see people are people but I tell you at least most church folks are not trying to run around and go to clubs and do drugs and all stuff I don’t care for. Not in church anyways. What they do out of the building is not my problem.  I noticed most of them mean well so it was good to hang with these people. and so I did.

If you are out there struggling I pray you get some help, I pray you get some counseling but honestly above all I pray many pick up their bibles. because I do believe in God and honestly God wants us to live, and when we are not honoring God we are more then likely lost. I believe this my friends. I know I was and honestly, I am so thankful for Jesus. the Words of Jesus are true if people really listen.

God loves God’s creation that is why God tells us not to sin. I hear people fight about names, fight about traditions. fight about who is all knowing, when from beginning to end the whole bible is a book of sin and how to overcome and honestly it is life to us. That is why the devil will keep many from it. the devil wants people to die. I know people say you are crazy when you speak like this but honestly, I pray many start thinking like this because it is good to understand when you know God loves us and wanted life for us not death my friends and I am speaking the truth about God, and that is truth.

I pray many get so sick and tired they call on Jesus and Jesus come and restore you to health, restore your mind, and restore everything the enemy stole. and for some reason, these prayers seem to make me the bad guy and that is fine. I will still say them my friend!  Even pray them when people can’t see me! I pray the reader be blessed and God give us strength to rise above our stuff in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many sit down with a pen and paper and write down everything you are tired of. Hold that piece of paper up in the air and say Lord all this I give to you God, I know you can help me change everything I am sick and tired of in Jesus name Amen. and take that piece of paper and tear it up. and then sit down and write another list of what it will take for you to achieve things to make you happy.

I found in my life, my happiness was and is Jesus and honestly the more you sit with God the more guidance you get from God. I found in my life I could not change anything but hanging with God started changing me. Either way if I did not believe these things work, I don’t think I would be speaking them. I pray these words bless the reader. have a wonderful day dear people!



Cup of joy

This is the next piece of art I will be transforming. I don’t know that I am an artist, but my new passion is just going to be create what I consider art. I have already transformed a few pieces and I can see mistakes in them. Practice makes perfect. Anyways I truly like to do before and after pictures so this is the before. We shall see what it becomes. All my inspiration comes from God. This is where my heart is set. To just spend time with God and let my heart be set on my passion and my passion is God, so I pray it shows in everything I do. Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys! ❤ As with my other art I pray some people read the scriptures in my art. I think sooner or later I will showcase them all together. Anyways I am in the process of doing new things, just not sure how long everything will take! God bless every single reader that God brings to see this and even those who don’t. have a wonderful day dear people!


Older Generations

Thank God for older generations. For people who taught us values, for people who spoke education, to people who were not afraid to correct bad children. use to be a whole generation of them. parents knew who they were. They knew they were the ones who paid the bills. it was an option to keep a kid. although abortions might not of been big plenty of orphanages there was. Any parent could have dropped off their kid.they could of tossed them out in the street. the option was still there just as it is.

Parents use to tell kids You live in my house. I clothe you, I feed you, I pay the bills and not vice verse They let you know early your place and honestly God bless this generation because now a different generation has come and they are entitled to everything? man if I tried to speak entitlement in my house I would of got kicked out and as a woman who is old. I so agree with this philosophy. What parent wants to slave and labor for kids who they birth, they bring into this planet to have some unappreciated children around? Maybe some parents do but I tell you not me. I wouldn’t even mention I missed the generation of give elders respect. now little 9 year old are telling grown adults to suck they…….. Respect elders, authority, anything, out the window.

Sorry, my friends that is the way I was raised and I believe in this. there are no free rides they use to say. We had chores and it was not an option. Talk about allowance? You are allowed to live in our house they said. I am so thankful for this generation who taught me rules. As I got older I might not want to of heard everything I was told but I found out these people really loved me.

Why would I want to be around someone who keeps telling me to drink all the time? You know after a few years of drinking you can come dependant on it. So why would my friends keep saying drink? I found out the ones who love me are the ones who said hey man don’t pick it up.  Either way I am so thankful for the older generation who spoke life to me. I pray now that I am old, I can be one of them and those are my prayers my friends, and as a child when I was told things that saved my life. not sure I always liked them at the time but man years later when I needed to hear it. MY GOD!! ❤ All I am saying!

I am so thankful it was spoken to me or I never would of knew I needed it! Thank you older generation for having common sense because common sense seems to be gone these days. Just something I seem to observe but what do I know. God bless everyone this was a random blog. Kind of like when them old people say hey back in my days. yep I am one of them guys now! YAY! and I think that is something to be happy about! again God bless all the elders that taught us common sense and morals!