I’m Keeping every one of them!

I am getting a lot of gray hairs and I am not coloring them! Believe it or not I am actually excited about this! I earned every single gray head on my head and I am going to flaunt them! I don’t care how much of it shows. I had my hair out today and I said wow. so much silver mixed in. I promised myself I wouldn’t dye it. I had blue black pretty hair. it is a unique color. They don’t even have dye my color.
In the summer it takes on a natural red color so it looks red black. I started dying my hair at 15 and for so many years I had brown hair. Around or about a decade ago I took my makeup off and stopped coloring, and gave up all jewelry for God. It was a promise I made God for that time. I even shaved my head bald a couple years back for God and it was like I was rewarded for doing such, because my hair is so long and it was only like a couple summers ago I chopped it.
I have pictures on my page. I almost died two days before my birthday. I took pictures with no make on, then I took pictures with makeup on. and I prayed to God, I am going to put just a tiny bit on and take pictures I am thankful to be alive and I am getting old. So a little make up I put on and honestly I am too the point I may or may not wear it, but if I do it will just be a tiny bit for I don’t want to look like a street walker.
I once thanked God, Joyce Meyers wore make up. I am sorry God for saying this aloud but God knows I thought it. I don’t think Joyce Meyers is ummmm, an outwardly appearance attractive lady. Sorry I was just so thankful Joyce Meyers wore make up because honestly to speak my thoughts out loud, I don’t think she is so pleasant to look at. and when I was at the lowest in my life. God really spoke to me through this woman. I was praying, I was crying. the T.V was on some random station, and all of a sudden it was like God heard me. Joyce Meyers came on randomly and the remote control wassssssssssssssssss so far across the room and so ummmm being the lazy person I am, I did not get up to change the channel.
So I started listening and I got goosebumps. I kid not Joyce Meyers answered every word I spoke to God. now how did that happen? What the hell? and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times God did this to me. I was alone crying not even voicing my words. I was praying, I was talking to God. I would say who am I kidding? why would God talk to someone like me? and I would wipe my tears and all of a sudden my dad would call and say God told me to tell you this and he would repeat everything I prayed.
Random strangers would quote my prayers word for word. I would see this so many times in my life over and over. Maybe once, twice that is a coincidence. my friends! I can not even number the times that has happened to me now. That was many years ago.
I don’t doubt God, and neither can I be bullied by any other’s faith. I have my own faith friends. I have my own walk and truth be told I am so thankful for this! I only write this because many will come and judge you for what your wearing, and what you do, I fully think people should consider what they do. I would not want to paint my face to attract a man. What happens when the paint is gone? What happens when I am old?
I never wanted to be around people who loved me for my looks, That is so awkward. Judge me for who I am. I will ugly up in a second! Either way I am not trying to impress any! I am so happy to have these silvers in my head! I am going to flaunt them! THEY ARE SO SHINY! ❤
I hid my beautiful hair all these years because, for many years I did not fit in. Black people told me I was not one of them, and white people said you are none of us either and for almost 2 decades We were the only mixed people anywhere. I tried to fit in. But it is really hard. I am really tall. I stuck out like a sore thumb. So many years I spent trying to look like other people. I am so happy to be myself! I will flaunt these gray hairs! I earned them! if I could count them I might name them all if I could! 😀 😀 Just saying THEY ARE MINE! I am going to keep them all and just let it come!
Truthfully happy to be the age I am! and I am not lying or hiding it for any! if anything, I always say I am older! Ha that way when I am 60 I will tell them all I am 80 and they will SAY MAN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! 😀 😀 That was written in humor! I am not really a liar but I do like to round up. makes it more simple. Anyways this whole post was so random! I pray God use it in some type a way. The whole point of this was I am just going to be Michelle. it is too much work trying to be other people. it comes so naturally to be Michelle! Think I will stick to what is natural!
I pray the reader be blessed. have a wonderful day dear people!

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