I’m Keeping every one of them!

I am getting a lot of gray hairs and I am not coloring them! Believe it or not I am actually excited about this! I earned every single gray head on my head and I am going to flaunt them! I don’t care how much of it shows. I had my hair out today and I said wow. so much silver mixed in. I promised myself I wouldn’t dye it. I had blue black pretty hair. it is a unique color. They don’t even have dye my color.
In the summer it takes on a natural red color so it looks red black. I started dying my hair at 15 and for so many years I had brown hair. Around or about a decade ago I took my makeup off and stopped coloring, and gave up all jewelry for God. It was a promise I made God for that time. I even shaved my head bald a couple years back for God and it was like I was rewarded for doing such, because my hair is so long and it was only like a couple summers ago I chopped it.
I have pictures on my page. I almost died two days before my birthday. I took pictures with no make on, then I took pictures with makeup on. and I prayed to God, I am going to put just a tiny bit on and take pictures I am thankful to be alive and I am getting old. So a little make up I put on and honestly I am too the point I may or may not wear it, but if I do it will just be a tiny bit for I don’t want to look like a street walker.
I once thanked God, Joyce Meyers wore make up. I am sorry God for saying this aloud but God knows I thought it. I don’t think Joyce Meyers is ummmm, an outwardly appearance attractive lady. Sorry I was just so thankful Joyce Meyers wore make up because honestly to speak my thoughts out loud, I don’t think she is so pleasant to look at. and when I was at the lowest in my life. God really spoke to me through this woman. I was praying, I was crying. the T.V was on some random station, and all of a sudden it was like God heard me. Joyce Meyers came on randomly and the remote control wassssssssssssssssss so far across the room and so ummmm being the lazy person I am, I did not get up to change the channel.
So I started listening and I got goosebumps. I kid not Joyce Meyers answered every word I spoke to God. now how did that happen? What the hell? and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times God did this to me. I was alone crying not even voicing my words. I was praying, I was talking to God. I would say who am I kidding? why would God talk to someone like me? and I would wipe my tears and all of a sudden my dad would call and say God told me to tell you this and he would repeat everything I prayed.
Random strangers would quote my prayers word for word. I would see this so many times in my life over and over. Maybe once, twice that is a coincidence. my friends! I can not even number the times that has happened to me now. That was many years ago.
I don’t doubt God, and neither can I be bullied by any other’s faith. I have my own faith friends. I have my own walk and truth be told I am so thankful for this! I only write this because many will come and judge you for what your wearing, and what you do, I fully think people should consider what they do. I would not want to paint my face to attract a man. What happens when the paint is gone? What happens when I am old?
I never wanted to be around people who loved me for my looks, That is so awkward. Judge me for who I am. I will ugly up in a second! Either way I am not trying to impress any! I am so happy to have these silvers in my head! I am going to flaunt them! THEY ARE SO SHINY! ❤
I hid my beautiful hair all these years because, for many years I did not fit in. Black people told me I was not one of them, and white people said you are none of us either and for almost 2 decades We were the only mixed people anywhere. I tried to fit in. But it is really hard. I am really tall. I stuck out like a sore thumb. So many years I spent trying to look like other people. I am so happy to be myself! I will flaunt these gray hairs! I earned them! if I could count them I might name them all if I could! 😀 😀 Just saying THEY ARE MINE! I am going to keep them all and just let it come!
Truthfully happy to be the age I am! and I am not lying or hiding it for any! if anything, I always say I am older! Ha that way when I am 60 I will tell them all I am 80 and they will SAY MAN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! 😀 😀 That was written in humor! I am not really a liar but I do like to round up. makes it more simple. Anyways this whole post was so random! I pray God use it in some type a way. The whole point of this was I am just going to be Michelle. it is too much work trying to be other people. it comes so naturally to be Michelle! Think I will stick to what is natural!
I pray the reader be blessed. have a wonderful day dear people!

Rebuild-Advance Bible Study!

So this message is a great bible study, but I am not going to give you scriptures, but I will say were to find.  I am going to share the Book of Nehemiah, and I am going to add to it the chapter I have been sharing all year. Isaiah Chapter 61. In the beginning of Nehemiah and also Isaiah, we see the key things that many don’t look upon.  First I share these scriptures.

Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

In both Isaiah and Nehemiah and David who was said to have a heart after GOD, and also many others in the Bible, but these are who I use to speak of. They all have one thing in common. Lord I am a sinner, I have sinned before you God. I am sorry. They prayed. They wept, they pleaded for God’s forgiveness.

In the beginning of the bible Adam and Eve did not repent but instead point blame at each other, and because of such they were cursed, and as long as you look at other’s sin and not your own, Your prayers probably will not have as much effect, because honestly no man, woman, or child on planet earth is holy enough to look upon God. People are so wicked that is why God had to come of His own, because honestly the human body is evil and can not look or be in God’s true presence my friends, because God is HOLY! and THERE IS NO SIN IN GOD, as there was no sin in JESUS! They are ONE.

Luke 15:7 I say unto you that likewise more joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, than over ninety and nine just persons who need no repentance.

I pray many look upon the bible and spiritual growth be given to the reader. that many confess we are sinners then ask God to rebuild our temples, (by that I mean our bodies and our relationship with God) and if your temple is rebuilt pray God send you to rebuild temples. This is my advice my friends and in my own life, I see why I have found favor in God, because without knowing the WORD I sank to my knees. I cried out to God. I know I am a sinner. So does God.


I would not even ask for forgiveness but instead, I prayed for strength to change and turn from my evil ways. Either way being pumped up in pride and arrogance will not get you far with God. God is above all people, and to act like we are gods is just foolishness my friends, and I am thankful to be a fool! because my foolish ways lead me to sorrow, lead me to sadness and that is what it took for me to cry out to God. I also pray many see how Jeremiah wept and even Jesus. See that God hears the tears of the humble my friends and those tears will be captured and given back to the one who sheds them and God will turn them into rivers, and oceans and you will never lack water again my friends. I pray many find much wisdom in this in Jesus name Amen!

Have a blessed day dear people! May God add unto God and multiple God’s numbers daily for the Glory of God this was written by Michelle Stokes! I pray we share it family and friends and any who will listen! I pray God Almighty answer these prayers and I do believe they will not go out empty or unheard but GOD WILL FULFILL THEM MY FRIENDS! I truly admit, I been praying these prayers so many years and I tell you it truth I saw them answered so many times I just thank GOD for answering the prayers of a lowly woman like me!!!! ❤ and I am a true believer if God did it for me, God will do it for any willing. That is my testimony and my beliefs and not one on earth will change either. Have a blessed day beloveds! love you guys! Please do some studying of the Word