We Can

We can sing hours and hours of songs from beginning to end, to end to beginning. We can watch football and name every player. Name all their game scores and every play they ever make, we can recite perfectly. We can name every star. Know all their business and what they are attending but we won’t attend the one thing that can save us.
We’ve played every single video game that was ever created. from beginning to end, even some of them twice. We visit porn for hours, we sit on twitter. We spend 18 hours on facebook. 6 hours gossiping to our friends, How many hours we spend praying? We said every single cuss word in the book, Even created some new ones, but won’t ever open the book that saves us from them curses?
How many visit the bible? How many memorize scripture? So we will remember everything death and never seek life? Why is that? Do any know these gods can’t save us? there is no healing in watching football games. How many will even make it to nfl? will nfl come save them when they need help?
So how many books will we read from beginning to end and never blow the dust off our bibles? So how many books have you read in the form of facebook statuses? But you won’t even read your bible? How often do we call on friends for help? Do we call on God as much as we do others? is God a last resort in your life?
There was an old saying your relationship is where you spend your time in. How can we say we love God and we don’t even know God?
We all want the blessing of God, but who is blessing God? If every deed we do produces fruit, why we keep investing our labor into the wrong things?
These words were written so people consider! may God draw us into God. have a blessed day dear people!

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