The Name above all!

My friends this is something to celebrate. God is the same God today, yesterday and forever more! So much testimony of Jesus healing many. If your sin is on this list and even if I forget to mention your sin just know JESUS IS ABOVE THEM ALL! and there is no sin Jesus can not wash you of my friends! I pray many call on Jesus and be saved. Invite Jesus into your heart, into your mind into your spirit. Lord create within me a new cup. Pour out old things God and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Wash me clean and give me the power to rise up above my bondage in Jesus name Amen!

My friends that is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! Jesus is the name salvation is given. Jesus is the name where if you seek you can find millions of people who have been delivered, healed and saved from their sin. I pray many call on Jesus today! I have faith, God wants to heal you my friends! Also to any suffering, I pray you go to google or youtube and whatever sin is keeping you in bondage. Do a video search of people who have been healed by Jesus. (delivered from the same sin you do) So much testimony all around of people being delivered!  and truly THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! I do pray it bless the reader today, in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many join me in the prayer for deliverance of a great multitude of people. Truly God performs miracles and Lord we need some help down here. Many are labeling us lost, or forgotten and hopeless and all my hope is in JESUS! I do believe you can do it GOD! Where men fail all things are possible with GOD! and truly my faith is way greater than the size of a mustard seed. I BELIEVE! God will heal a great multitude of people, and if people open their eyes GOD ALL READY IS! We don’t want to be left behind from our healing and deliverance. In just the last 6 years alone the people being delivered by Jesus has grown by the millions. I pray many be added to the number for all numbers are God’s and may God add unto God daily, In Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people and not one person on planet earth will change my prayers but God will fulfill them for that is God’s will, and God’s will, will be performed and accomplished and finished!


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