Restore us God!

I once heard a person who loves them self does not sleep around. That was like twenty years ago. I think this message is more important to be spoken in this generation. STD’s are real. In the beginning, God made Adam and Eve and until death they stayed together and that is how God designed it. Although there will be some who use scriptures to justify having many wives, we do not live in Old Testament and even if so lets look at the very beginning to see how God intended it to be before people polluted God.

The season is not to populate earth. We are living in the hour of judgment. and God does not even judge us my friends, for it is written by our sin we will be judged.

So many running from relationship to relationship. we think hard ons is the new love, what makes me feel good in between the legs is love. and honestly, we are destroying self. Destroying others. abandoning families. forsaking children because we don’t know our Maker and we all think we can do what we want and because of such the world suffers.

I pray many come to an understanding of God who created people. God who spoke life to people. Sin is death and honestly, the world can not continue in this manner. and so many say it is the end and that could be. My bible says no man knows the hour and instead of praying come Lord come quickly. I am praying Come Holy Spirit come into your people and give us power to rise. give us power to overcome our sin. return to us a true desire to live in ways according to you God. For living in Godly ways is without a doubt life unto us. I do not mean religious ceremonies. I mean the commands God spoke that were life to us.

I pray God bring many to remembrance of how God designed us. and then perhaps some of us can get over the pain and torment of our own sin. Sin destroys and this is a truth many don’t speak of. They say curses don’t exist but my friends that is a lie. You are cursed when you sin. For sin is cursed. it is of the devil and there is no good in sin. There is no life. there is no unity, no healing, only division and destruction. Open your eyes dear people. The evidence is all around. I pray many of us turn back to our first love, and for those who don’t know God loved us before we even knew God and until this day it is the same. I pray we turn to the ONE who loved us first and return God’s love and by such many eye’s be open to sin and God call us out of it in Jesus name Amen!

restore your Kingdom God. Restore our temples, restore our frames. help our mind be on one accord according to your will in Jesus name Amen!

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