Resist the flesh

I pray many of us overcome sin and bondage of sin and may God give us a sound mind to make clear decisions and I do pray God give many wisdom and understanding in why we don’t want to continue in sin. I also pray God help many see the devil doesn’t have that much power. God gave us the wisdom to crush the devils head. To stomp on it. To trample the devil to the ground. God’s people suffer because they know not truth and honestly many are only getting half messages and because of such we are left to be stomped on by the devil and my friends these things ought not be. God gave us the power to overcome the devil and I pray many become wise to the devil’s foolishness in Jesus name Amen! You can say no my friend. and let your no’s be no.

and for those who are weak. pray God deliver me. give me the power to rise up over my sin. Take away all cravings, take away all desires, and fill me with new wisdom, new desires and give me new life through you God, In Jesus name Amen!  Just a word to the wise, the foolish, the simple, any who will listen and may they be a blessing to you friend, In Jesus name Amen! I love you guys! have a blessed day dear people!


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