Healing for the lost

There are so many lost and God will find you. God will change you. God will heal you. a year or two from now you will look back and say MY GOD HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE! God came to set the captives free. We are servants to sin when we sin and sin comes with death, and punishment. The devil came to steal your joy. Who is happy when they sin? Who is happy when they do drugs? Who is happy when they are in bondage?..

I know I was not and I am so thankful Jesus came into my life!! I am a firm believer if God did it for me, GOD WILL DELIVER GOD’S PEOPLE! I am praying for you. I know not your name but GOD does. God knows your name and every hair on your head God knows the number of those hairs my friends! God knows who are God’s and truly GOD CAME TO TAKE THE SIN AWAY!

Blot out our transgressions God, Give us a new heart. Fill us with your Holy Spirit! GOD IS ABLE AND WILLING MY FRIENDS! and that truly is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired REJOICE!! JESUS IS THE PHYSICIAN MY FRIENDS! and He can cure the uncurable. The broken heart that was shattered and crushed and stepped on by the enemy, GOD IS ABLE TO RESTORE YOU, FRIENDS! That IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!

Praying for a great nation of people, praying for healing, and deliverance and may God manifest the Holy Spirit into your life and may it all go for GOD’s Glory in Jesus name Amen!

I remember when I was sorrowed, when I was hurting. I was empty. I had a void looking for love in all the wrong places and that stuff was bringing me down. I was suicidal. I was on drugs. I was seeking happiness and none of these things cured me my friends. ONLY JESUS DID! and honestly, I am so thankful for this!!! and I will speak Jesus for the rest of my life. For faithful God has been to me and I pray God until my last dying breath help me be faithful for the rest of my days and in heaven I will sit with God! and I am so thankful! I also pray I live long and praise God because that is my delight. and even if God does not answer, I will still thank God regardless! Thank you God for everything you done in my life. The seen, the unseen the supernatural, the healing, all things! 

Thank you for turning my wailing into dancing! for taking away bitterness and filling me with a new song! With open lips and an open heart, I will praise you wholeheartedly LORD! and this is just truth! I am a living witness! if God can change some like me I believe God can change any willing and that is my testimony! and also my beliefs! Seek God earnestly my friends and may you find deliverance, healing, and strength and all things that God gives to those who seek, In Jesus name Amen!

Rise us up GOD!

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