Dying days

This letter goes out to those who have been handed their death certificate. I have seen God heal the impossible but I also am aware some things are incurable. I do not know which and why God heals others and not some. But too those who have terminal illness. I pray God give you comfort in your last days on earth. I am sorry for whatever was dealt to you, and some things are not changeable, but I do pray God just give you peace in your mind. Those are my prayers to any who come to my page that are terminally ill.

I am praying against a great number of things, But I tell you something God told me years ago and I pray it gives you peace. All people on earth are born knowing they will face death. our bodies fade. I do truly believe our soul lives.  I believe fear is real, and I pray God take away your fear and even if you did not live your life according to God, I pray God comfort your heart.

I do not think it wise for any man to wait until their last breathe to find God. but I do know Jesus did pardon the thief who was dying with him. Tomorrow is promised to no man, and I have seen God give people who were told they had six months to live then lived 20 years after. So I pray if possible God heal you, but if not I pray God lead you to peace, and whether you have a healing or a miracle or it is just your time to pass this earth, I pray no matter what God give you great peace in your heart. Those are my prayers.

To the living and young and active, Tomorrow is not promised to any. And many are trying to number how many days until God’s return, so then we can repent at the last minute. I pray many do not take this option. I do believe in heaven and hell and what if you pass away before you are right with God? and honestly if you knew what God had planned for you, I truly believe you would not wait to see what God has prepared for you. Meaning the blessings from obeying God in earth are worth running to and not waiting for!!!

We all want to talk about God, but not the other place. But then we all want to try and talk to the dead. My friends if you are talking to the dead, maybe you might want to ask yourself, Why have the dead not moved on?  If they are dead and with God they are not on or in earth anymore. and just be careful to praying to dead spirits my friends there is only One Holy Ghost that I know of, and to praise Jesus is the same as praising the Living God, so with that said. I just pray many seek God, and God give you peace here on earth and after, and know God does forgive us. So with that said. I just pray these words comfort someone today, Have a blessed day dear people.

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