Transforming my heart

This picture has so much meaning. Not because I am in, but because I am in it!!! I have a story I am writing for this image. This is the same image I shared before. Only transformed. And much like I transformed the heart into something else. God transformed my heart!  this may not be the best but I will get better. Still, a million more ways I can transform this image and God is still transforming me daily!  Really thankful for that! and that is one thing I pray, that I can give God thanks every day in all things I do, even if it is just doodling!  Thank you Jesus! 

One thought on “Transforming my heart

  1. I see so many things I could of still did in this image. I am growing. Let’s see how my designs progress. I know I was able to see a progress in the change God did in me although some over it did not happen overnight. I am taking that same mentality with me. I might be shaky now but hopefully, I will be a pro no time soon! 😀


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