Don’t let the Son go down!

I pray many don’t let the Son go down in their heart! Have a blessed day everyone! Not sure about you guys but I pray my Light never dims!

It is true when I say in all your ways acknowledge God and God will direct your path and the Word is a Lamp unto our feet! It can not be dimmed, it doesn’t die. We can’t slip. We see clearly for it is God who leads the way!! that is GOOD to know! 

Light shines in darkness my friends! the only time Light doesn’t shine is when the sun goes down. I pray many don’t let the Son go down in them. But that they keep the Son with them through all seasons!

Out with the old and in with the new! I pray God make many old things new! A NEW BIRTH! God transforms us! That is so mighty to be a part of! #GoTeamJESUS! Yay! Hoorah!

Let us be the people in the darkness, and we may of stumbled, we may of fell, we may of even crawled to the Light but we find it and never let it go out again! Walk with Light forever my friends! Again #GoTeamJESUS! Yay! Hoorah!

Isaiah 9:6, John 8:12. Don’t let the Son (sun) go out in your life friends. what is a world that the sun doesn’t rise in? What is your life now if you don’t have sun? Are you in the stormy season? What happens if the Son comes up and it still rains? Does a rainbow become? How great is the Son!! Not a question but statement! Just reflecting on how Great GOD is! 

Transforming my heart

This picture has so much meaning. Not because I am in, but because I am in it!!! I have a story I am writing for this image. This is the same image I shared before. Only transformed. And much like I transformed the heart into something else. God transformed my heart!  this may not be the best but I will get better. Still, a million more ways I can transform this image and God is still transforming me daily!  Really thankful for that! and that is one thing I pray, that I can give God thanks every day in all things I do, even if it is just doodling!  Thank you Jesus!