The Word is the seed

The Word is the seed. and I pray this seed be scattered. To the north winds, to the south, east and west. IT’S HARVEST TIME! I pray the winds carry these seeds and may they travel all over the world. May God add unto them daily. May God water them and may you grow into mighty wood for God. may you produce good fruit. For God is indeed planting God’s earth. And I saw a new earth where the WORD reigned and JESUS IS the WORD’s Name!

There is no other name that has causes such confusion. There is no other name that has caused division. There is no other name such a healing comes in, then the name of Jesus my friends and I mean if you look all over you can see these words are true.

Do not think I came for peace, but a sword. (The Words of Jesus!<3, Matthew 10:34. The Word is our Sword! Ephesians 6:17 )  and the SWORD is the TRUTH! It overcomes! It conquers! It is SPIRIT! The INVISIBLE GOD THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN, GOD is not an it my friends!! The Holy Spirit even the Holy ONE as it says in the WORD is ALL ONE! and that is truth friends.  There are many gods, but there is only GOD whoever spoke, I mean seriously, men and woman have been coming against God’s WORDS since they were created. and that is truth.

God gave us life, and life abundantly. God is Holy my friends. and for those who don’t know love is holy. life is holy. truth is holy. IT IS ALL ONE!  To come to the understanding of the HOLY ONE is to come to understand GOD tells us not to sin and truly these things were and still are LIFE to us friends. and Jesus was so WONDERFUL, to bring us back to remembrance of GOD. Truly GOD IS WONDERFUL!

I pray many understand God our Creator JESUS! God is not a people, and God does not have people thoughts. but at the same time, people do think like God when they do GOOD and obey God. God’s true name can not be spoken on planet earth, as the language does not even exist in earth. neither have we ever seen God my friends. If we looked upon God in our people form we would melt because God is so holy and there is no sin in God. but there is much sin in people friend and the two do not combine well.

Side note* In the Book of Revelation 19:10. It is written Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy, and that is who God is my friends. the invisible God that spoke to people, and the things spoken come to be! That is what makes GOD truth and all other gods false. Even Jesus said GOD is spirit and indeed GOD can come of GOD’s own, and even created men out of dust. 

That is why God tells us to flee darkness. Darkness is sin. When we sin we run from God as Adam and Eve did and until this day people are still the same, we run from God when we sin. Then we never come to God’s holiness my friends. We never come to life, we never come to understanding. only pain and hurt and confusion, even darkness. and trust me when I say Holiness is what people want. and I do not mean putting on a show for people, changing your dressing. although I don’t want to talk against those things because I believe God wants us dressing modestly if we are in a part of society where clothes are proper. Seek God wholly and you will be made whole! God’s Holiness is more than able to pull people out of holes.

People can argue dressing but honestly, there are monsters in the world. I respect the way many religions dress. Kill that lust spirit. The devil is real my friends and honestly, I believe when you start sitting with God. God starts changing you and honestly it is for the betterment of people.

If people really knew God our Creator. the ONE who made people, the ONE who made languages, if they really searched, they would see God is love. and honestly to even love God is to despise evil, but to come to understanding is just to speak life. The tongue has the power to speak both. All things we say produce fruit. Whether good or bad. Actions are rewarded accordingly. I seen that in my own life, and I look into the lives of others and I see not how any of us are different no matter what our color is.

Life or death. I pray many people look at God in a new way, and many be given understanding. the Word is the seed. What seed will you plant in your heart? what seed is planted now?  if you are planting evil seeds and just tired, Time to sit in new soil. Get in your Word and look up at God as ONE who wanted us to live and not die. Jesus came in LIFE, and that is who GOD has been since the beginning, may you be deeply rooted in the Word, and God rise you up, and grow you into something other then what you are now. Jesus has a way of transforming old things into new creation. God is our Potter and it is just WONDERFUL! To see the way GOD loves us!

It is written people in the dark want nothing to do with Light. Then it is written those in darkness have seen a great LIGHT. That Light is Jesus and honestly think about it. What happens to the human body if we don’t get sun? What happens to earth if the sun doesn’t shine anymore? I pray many let the Son shine in their heart and may God water your garden and help you grow, plant us a new seed, God! Also if Jesus is the Living Waters, what happens to the body if it gets no water?

Written for spiritual growth. I love you guys and want you to grow! ❤ have a blessed day dear people! Written by Michelle Stokes, for God’s Glory!