The Wayside-Live or die?

As a person who was tossed back and forth and even walked that way on purpose. As a person who prayed in the closet. as a person who has been seeking truth for so many years, I can’t remember. I tell you when I say some seeds fell by the wayside and I speak of a parable in the bible. Luke Chapter 8.  it is one thing to get the full message in you and turn away. But to get bits and pieces and be tossed in the wind, that’s sad.

When I was getting bits and pieces of the bible I was broken. When I started reading the bible whole. I was made whole. I do not consider it wise to take bits and pieces of the bible. But hey we all got to start somewhere. Even one verse in the Word of God can be so POWERFUL! and sometimes that is all we need for a little motivation but in my life, I learned reading the Bible in bits and pieces left me broken. I was only getting men’s words and I tell you. talk about lost, and living in the land of confusion, just as it is written to be it was.

I am glad God was able to speak simple to a simple woman and even then, boy did God thump me on the head but even though I was not taught by religion it is amazing how God was able to communicate to me. I don’t suggest any take the path I did. because honestly my path was twisted and it was not fun, neither is it fun living a backwards path. or wandering off to the wayside. I know I did that stuff and honestly, I took a beating I could of probably not had if I was not hard headed my friends.

I do not in any way think I am special unless nobody else suffers (ed) when they sinned. When I did what God spoke not to do to it was not fun. I truly did have a huge void in my heart. I learned that life has repercussions and although some things just happen many things happen because the choices we make.

Perhaps if any want to unlearn religion and ask them self-does God want us to live or die? Does sin cause death? Why did God say not to sin? Instead of look to God to argue, or debate. I pray we try looking at God in a different way. Does God want people to die? What does your heart say? and if you say yes, I truly pray you find Jesus and go read Genesis. John Chapter 8, and Genesis Chapter 4.

From the very beginning of the bible. God made us and delighted in God’s work. and God knew the things God spoke were life to people. People did not know death. Their eyes were not open to it. Death is sin my friends. and I truly pray many look at their bible in a new manner and just consider some things. Does God want us to live or die?

I might be all kinds of crazy, but it seems the devil wants us to die. I see a lovely Book that was written so we can have a path to life.  I pray instead of look at end times, or anything else you were ever taught about God, we seriously open our Bibles and see Does God want us to die or live? and I truly do pray we look past one verse, one chapter and read the whole bible. and since the more you read the more you see, I pray many read it often. Just my prayers. Have a blessed day dear people!

To those who fell on the wayside. I pray Psalms 63 be your testimony. For God can water ANYTHING and make it grow! I mean, after all, GOD IS STILL GOD! I pray whether you fell by the wayside or got planted in the desert, I pray this be the season you bloom.  I pray you shall not die but live! and may God water you and nurture you and keep you, in Jesus name Amen!

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