Stars who were sexually abused

I pray many people who were abused, you do not have to confess to me. But honestly, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You did nothing wrong. The wrong was done to you. I pray if this is you reading my page. Do your self a favor and google stars or famous people who were molested. Life can change. the first step in healing is forgiveness and if you don’t know how to forgive I pray you confess it to God. Like I did. I tell you when I say until that moment I was unable to let go.  I was self-destructing. I was a dead vessel. I had turned off all emotions. God, I want your forgiveness but I can’t forgive them. I don’t know how to. I cried. Can you help me? I laughed. God would not hear someone like me. MY FRIENDS GOD DID!

There was no pills that healed me. No comforting words of others. I truly had to cry to God and God started helping me. I thank God for this too! Otherwise, I would still be broken. I heard God speak life to me. I never knew it was in the Bible for I had not been reading much but I cried to God. So many tears. and God heard those tears. I never knew it was written in the Word, that God would heal someone like me AND GOD DELIVERED THOSE WORDS! Even though I was ignorant to them!

That is just so WONDERFUL! If you are like the former me. I pray you just hear these words and they save you and God help you too my friends. God never wanted us to be broken and when I had no comforter God comforted me! I am so thankful I took all those tears straight to God. if you have a story like me. Please, I suggest you do the same thing my friends.

Either way you can hide your abuse in the closet, and while you are there. I pray you seek out other people who have overcome. There is still life. If you change your life, and change your patterns you may just find you are so thankful you lived. I pray God leads you to places you need to be for full body healing, mind, soul and spirit, in Jesus name Amen!

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