The Wayside-Live or die?

As a person who was tossed back and forth and even walked that way on purpose. As a person who prayed in the closet. as a person who has been seeking truth for so many years, I can’t remember. I tell you when I say some seeds fell by the wayside and I speak of a parable in the bible. Luke Chapter 8.  it is one thing to get the full message in you and turn away. But to get bits and pieces and be tossed in the wind, that’s sad.

When I was getting bits and pieces of the bible I was broken. When I started reading the bible whole. I was made whole. I do not consider it wise to take bits and pieces of the bible. But hey we all got to start somewhere. Even one verse in the Word of God can be so POWERFUL! and sometimes that is all we need for a little motivation but in my life, I learned reading the Bible in bits and pieces left me broken. I was only getting men’s words and I tell you. talk about lost, and living in the land of confusion, just as it is written to be it was.

I am glad God was able to speak simple to a simple woman and even then, boy did God thump me on the head but even though I was not taught by religion it is amazing how God was able to communicate to me. I don’t suggest any take the path I did. because honestly my path was twisted and it was not fun, neither is it fun living a backwards path. or wandering off to the wayside. I know I did that stuff and honestly, I took a beating I could of probably not had if I was not hard headed my friends.

I do not in any way think I am special unless nobody else suffers (ed) when they sinned. When I did what God spoke not to do to it was not fun. I truly did have a huge void in my heart. I learned that life has repercussions and although some things just happen many things happen because the choices we make.

Perhaps if any want to unlearn religion and ask them self-does God want us to live or die? Does sin cause death? Why did God say not to sin? Instead of look to God to argue, or debate. I pray we try looking at God in a different way. Does God want people to die? What does your heart say? and if you say yes, I truly pray you find Jesus and go read Genesis. John Chapter 8, and Genesis Chapter 4.

From the very beginning of the bible. God made us and delighted in God’s work. and God knew the things God spoke were life to people. People did not know death. Their eyes were not open to it. Death is sin my friends. and I truly pray many look at their bible in a new manner and just consider some things. Does God want us to live or die?

I might be all kinds of crazy, but it seems the devil wants us to die. I see a lovely Book that was written so we can have a path to life.  I pray instead of look at end times, or anything else you were ever taught about God, we seriously open our Bibles and see Does God want us to die or live? and I truly do pray we look past one verse, one chapter and read the whole bible. and since the more you read the more you see, I pray many read it often. Just my prayers. Have a blessed day dear people!

To those who fell on the wayside. I pray Psalms 63 be your testimony. For God can water ANYTHING and make it grow! I mean, after all, GOD IS STILL GOD! I pray whether you fell by the wayside or got planted in the desert, I pray this be the season you bloom.  I pray you shall not die but live! and may God water you and nurture you and keep you, in Jesus name Amen!

Stars who were sexually abused

I pray many people who were abused, you do not have to confess to me. But honestly, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You did nothing wrong. The wrong was done to you. I pray if this is you reading my page. Do your self a favor and google stars or famous people who were molested. Life can change. the first step in healing is forgiveness and if you don’t know how to forgive I pray you confess it to God. Like I did. I tell you when I say until that moment I was unable to let go.  I was self-destructing. I was a dead vessel. I had turned off all emotions. God, I want your forgiveness but I can’t forgive them. I don’t know how to. I cried. Can you help me? I laughed. God would not hear someone like me. MY FRIENDS GOD DID!

There was no pills that healed me. No comforting words of others. I truly had to cry to God and God started helping me. I thank God for this too! Otherwise, I would still be broken. I heard God speak life to me. I never knew it was in the Bible for I had not been reading much but I cried to God. So many tears. and God heard those tears. I never knew it was written in the Word, that God would heal someone like me AND GOD DELIVERED THOSE WORDS! Even though I was ignorant to them!

That is just so WONDERFUL! If you are like the former me. I pray you just hear these words and they save you and God help you too my friends. God never wanted us to be broken and when I had no comforter God comforted me! I am so thankful I took all those tears straight to God. if you have a story like me. Please, I suggest you do the same thing my friends.

Either way you can hide your abuse in the closet, and while you are there. I pray you seek out other people who have overcome. There is still life. If you change your life, and change your patterns you may just find you are so thankful you lived. I pray God leads you to places you need to be for full body healing, mind, soul and spirit, in Jesus name Amen!

Sexual abuse.

This topic is not for the kiddies. but at the same time I pray many teach their children about sexual abuse. Nobody touches your privates. Not anyone. teach them about monsters. many people have confessed to me, and I will not be attaching names but honestly, in my life, I had millions of friends. and people have always confided in me. So many stories I have heard of many being sexually abused. and some admit it. and others admit it to me and say, but if you tell any I will deny it. I don’t tell people’s secrets, but honestly, so many of you have confessed you were sexually abused by somebody.

I pray my words don’t offend anyone, and this is not written for everyone. But I know many who have confessed to me they are gay because they were molested. or raped or the opposite sex wronged them. and honestly, this story is for you. To those who love to be homosexual please go be what you want. I don’t speak to judge. I am just speaking the truth. I am going to say the same thing I have told all my friends for many years.

I can not judge you, but as a person who suffered sexual abuse, although I did not lay with the same sex, I was self-destroying myself. Sometimes people have sex with many people, because they do not value self anymore. Sometimes people lay with the same sex because they think the other sex will not do what the former sex did to them. Some people stay in very bad relationships because they were abused their whole life and you think abuse is love. Please notice I said some people.

In the bible, there is no difference between a fornicator and a homosexual, they are both sin. If God can heal me of fornicating, I believe God can change your heart. I don’t want to say heal because then homosexuals say, you think I am sick?  My friends, I don’t think anything. I don’t even know you. But this is what I do know, there is so much testimony of people who used to be gay and God changed their mind and they confess with their lips they are happy about it. there are thousands of testimonies like this all over youtube and other places.

Just the same as there is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many testimonies of God healing fornicators.  I don’t want to argue what any want to continue doing. By all means, continue to do it. but I know in the bible what is written, and there are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fornicators then there are gay people, and this is what I believe to be true. All I know is Jesus changes you. I once was a liar. now I am not. I once was a thief, and a fornicator. God changes us.

Regardless of what people be. I pray any who suffered get some help. because many who are abused are making bad decisions and honestly it does not have to be that way. I apologize, if no one never spoke to you like this. I am sorry for those who abused you my friends. but the past is the past. We can not continue to make fatal decisions on things that others did to us. Even if you don’t love yourself. and whether or not you be homosexual or straight. I pray you love yourself. love your body. Love your life friend. and honestly, I believe the Word of God is life. Jesus did not judge us, but neither does Jesus say continue in our sin. In fact, He cleanses us from them my friends.

And to all those who feel judged. With all the std’s and stuff, I would be looking for the Holiest of Holy marriage. Love until death. But hey that is just me. Continue to be free to do whatever you want. This was just an observation I have made by speaking to millions of people and that is truth friends minus religion!

If a murder continues to murder, Is the murder delivered? Do we say I once was a thief, now I steal? To really know God is to resist flesh, or sin, or self. Deny self. So if I am gay and God says not to be, what do I do? If I lie and God says don’t lie and I continue lying, am I still a liar? No matter what your sin friends, I believe God call us out of them. Or that is what my bible reads anyways! I pray we be renewed by the renewing of our minds. Romans is a good chapter to read.  Have a blessed day beloveds.

I pray people don’t get caught up in just one part. but see the overall picture. A lot of times things in the past weigh us down. I believe in forgiveness. I believe God can forgive our sins and I also believe we have to forgive others. God loves us and honestly no matter your sexual preference, I pray many just consider our actions. We live in perilous times and people should be cautious. my advice to the new generation. Stay virgins for life, or marry your childhood friend. just my suggestions friends, and I pray many can see this post was written in love for everyone. Sin no matter what, is not good, and if people knew why God told us not to do it, Truly more people would honor God and I do believe this is the truth.

Someone once told me. people who love them self-don’t sleep around. if you’re out there sleeping around, please I love you enough to say it, SLOW DOWN!  Look at your life, what are you doing? I pray God take sexual desires away from many, and give you a desire to live. many of us running around looking for love in all the wrong places because we don’t know how to love self. or we have a twisted view of life because of abuse. These are just things I have witnessed in my life. I pray they not offend any for they were not written to offend any. but truly the purpose of this letter was not about sexual preferences but about sex period. about sin. About our actions. I pray it is received as for what it was intended, and not perverted into something else.