Stepping stones

A lot of people are being stepping stones for the wrong people. and many others are waiting for everyone else to lift them up. The times we live in. So many suffering. there are a million 99 things wrong with the world as we speak.  Hardly any have compassion for any because who can afford to? I see many things. My eyes are open. but honestly, if your eyes are open all you can do is lift them to God, and even if they are closed. I would pray God help me to see, but then some who see pray to make them blind.

I don’t have enough money in the world to solve all the problems of the world. I don’t have much of anything to offer any. But honestly, I believe in God.  I know some will laugh at God. and you will make jokes about God in ways that I have heard before, and honestly I don’t want to change you, for I mostly have learned that there are not a lot of people who overcome hate. They have to want to. and those who hate don’t seem to want to.  They seem to enjoy being miserable. I would say that is not possible but it is. I have seen such with my own eyes.

Perhaps some really are not curable. I know some do die for real. but I do know I have seen miracles of all kinds, and God has answered so much of my prayers and prayers of others. I write as myself because this is who I am. I have lived so many lives, and I don’t mean other lives. I mean the things I lived in my short years. If I spoke everything some would say I was lying, others would have pity, some would say that is cool.

I don’t shun Christian people but I do realize sometimes online it appears that way. and honestly, if people know what I have been through the last decade they might be able to comprehend me better. but I honestly am not trying to get any to comprehend me. I truth be told pray I can say a word that gets you thinking about life. Thinking about God.

Thinking about your future. thinking about morals, values, integrity, virtue. the things that are dying in planet earth. Do noble things exist anymore? What is honor? respect? loyalty? all these things are now foreign words. Almost like the new cuss words. We can’t say those words in public! Oh no unless it is f bombs and vulgar speech, it is not allowed around here! When I was a kid it was the cussing we hid. Now integrity is hidden. Valor is forgotten. We sure do remember to celebrate Christmas though. and all the finer things are forgotten, stepped on, trampled all over and now we are stamped with useless tokens. kind words. empty meanings. broken promises, empty kisses. but don’t tell anybody it’s our secret!

God did not call us to be stepping stones but hey who wants these messages these days? if it is not sex, drugs, violence, death, anything but God, they will hear it. If the blind lead the blind both shall fall in the ditch. when the blind are in the ditch they don’t even know it because they are blind. and my people die for lack of knowledge but not even lack of, just no desire for it. I don’t know which is worst. being stepped on or trampled on in the mud?

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