First appearances by Michelle Stokes

To those who always think we can make accurate guesses on first appearances. How much time do you think you need to look at someone before you have them all figured out?  How long do we glance at someone and make an opinion on them? (label them, put them in a box) )5 seconds? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? two minutes? Seriously what is your honest answer? weeks, days? Ok, Now I have an exercise you can do.

Go to google, type something like houses, or dogs, or something that a variety of different things will pop up. make sure you are on image mode. don’t hit enter yet. just think about what you are going to google.

Now, whatever that time was, you said it took you to make an accurate judgment of someone is the time you get to spend on Google. Should grab a timer if some of you answered 2 seconds, don’t cheat give yourself two seconds. unless you said days. or weeks, if you said five minutes. if you said thirty minutes. If you said 2 seconds. go to google image, and look at the page for that amount of time. then close google. and grab a pen and write everything you saw. Don’t shut the page but take it out of view. minimize it. Also don’t open it back up. No cheating you only get the time you gave yourself at the beginning.

After you are done writing everything you saw and you are a 100 percent you did not forget one detail. open the page and compare what is on that page with what you wrote.  The exercise came from this article, Deceived By

If your answer was days, weeks, months. perhaps save the page. copy it or something and do yourself a favor and write down everything you see every day (meaning truly spend some time looking at it daily)  and look at your list in whatever time you gave yourself and enjoy the fruit of your labor!! ❤  for if you gave yourself a long time you should have books worth of details!

This exercise was created by Michelle Stokes. designed so hopefully we consider such things!  Food for thought! have a blessed day beloveds! 😀 ❤ Unless you have a photographic memory this exercise probably is good for many! I pray many find the deeper meaning in this message! Have a wonderful day dear people! ❤

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