Deceived By

life’s little instruction book, It is something I have read through a few times and it always makes me smile. This it is a good little simple book. You can buy it brand new for 20 dollars I see, and on ebook for a few dollars. (whispers I got mine for 75 cents! 😀 ) Not really trying to sell the book but hey at least you know what I am mentioning.

“Don’t be deceived by first impressions.” I was really thinking about this line. it is a quote from that book and one time I wrote an article called don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  But, But, but. we all do that. there is the old saying that says first impressions are everything. and that seems to be true but what happens when we judge something wrong from a first glance?

For half a second a woman can appear to be beautiful. She can seem attractive, but as you start hanging around her, you notice she is not the same inside as out.  Some of the best people in the world are ones you have to take a double glance at. Some of the best books in the world are dusty, torn and weathered.

Some of the most deadly things come in beautiful sizes and shapes and may even appear to be shiny. But after examination, we come to see it is deadly to our soul. I say when it comes to a job first impressions mean everything. maybe perhaps even dates. I honestly am the type of person I will many times show up to dates dressing down. I wear no makeup. I say if he runs now then good. and honestly, if you don’t like me at my worst, you don’t deserve my best.

I am well aware people judge and honestly dressing down gets rid of the people I don’t want around in my life. I mean I love feeling good about myself and being clean and what not, but some people are so obsessed with appearances, they forget the finer things in life. I have my own way of weeding out people I don’t want around me. But this message is not really about me. Just what a thing to consider! I also feel that way when it comes to the bible. Don’t believe what other’s tell you, see it with your own eyes. It is funny how a open heart lets you see things from a different perspective. “Don’t be deceived by first impressions.”

As I was going to go look up the link to share the book I was referencing, I saw this video and decided to share it. It has a couple of the quotes with some video. Thought it was entertaining and worth sharing! There was not really a point to this blog really. I was just sharing my thoughts. I pray the reader is blessed and filled with joy. My activity the next few days may be light, as I am in the process of finishing my goals I started. I don’t know, I seen in my life making first impressions may seem good, but a lot of times I noticed I was so glad I put the further investigation in. For many times first impressions are deceiving. (not accurate)

Either way, love you guys! Have a blessed day or night or even afternoon, when you read this! Shalom! Again there was really no point to this. it was so random. Welcome to my mind! I also do think this book was worth the buy. I picked my copy up for 75 cents at the local library book sale! 😀 What a steal! I mean deal! I mean seriously, what a good buy for 75 cents! Where can you get that for a dollar in today’s time?  I even got a quarter back! ❤  😀 ! GOOD BUY! and the e-version is like 2 bucks. just thought I would put that out there.  Have a blessed day dear people!

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