War Zone-Social Media

I share this for all who are speaking truth and are faced in the battle of speaking truth for as soon as you speak truth the liars will come or the false psychics, as I call them. I wrote facebok because this is where I shared this status but honestly it is mostly all over social media and even offline there will always be those who tell lies. I speak this praying it be a help to any out there today! One thing I learned about walking with God. God gives a peace no man or liar can take away. and that is a truth in my life and indeed the truth sets us free!  have a wonderful day dear people!

Social media makes me smile. I thank God for teaching me to just walk away. One thing I know about facebook. Everyone has an opinion and that is fine. we are all entitled to one. So we all say anyways. But what cracks me up and honestly makes me laugh is facebook has all these psychics. and they swear they know you. They know the things you do and that would be so awesome if it was true but right after they say they know you, they spew all these lies out their lips and say this is who you are. I use to be angered by such things. I thank God for peace!! Nowadays I find it amusing but truthfully I don’t want to entertain it. It takes two to argue and when people are telling lies, and rumors and untrue things, what is the purpose of defending yourself? let the liars tell lies. and I pray they have a blessed day as they spew lies! I also pray God deliver the liars, in Jesus name Amen!

Thank you God so much for not allowing these devils to steal my joy! Thank you for giving me peace and joy and comfort. only the devil will come and tell lies about you. He wants you to get angry about it. But the truth sets us free. if it is not true how can it bother you? It does not! I just truly thank God for teaching me that! I was sent into the wolves and lion’s den and I am glad I was because It taught me a great many precious lessons that I will always treasure and keep in my heart!  God is WONDERFUL! 

if people are spreading lies and rumors about you let them. They shall have their own reward. one thing I also learned is no deed goes left unseen by God and without a doubt, God is the one who punishes and I pray I just stay in God’s presence. for I would rather be blessed, then cursed and this is truth beloveds! God will defend the innocent and fight for His Children! I have witnessed it my whole life and honestly, the best thing on planet earth is just to be at peace with GOD! truly priceless! 

Jesus did not sit in the crowds where people threw stones. He fled the scene. What  A WONDERFUL TEACHER JESUS IS!  Put on the armor of God!  it is the best thing you can do when you are out there in a world full of liars, and also be as David and pray God help silence the liars’ lips in Jesus name Amen!

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