Sin is death-Hell is real

Sin is death and I know so many say they are called to judge and honestly most of them then speak judgment to homosexual people. Then they overlook liars, they overlook thieves, they overlook every sin and use the scripture to justify self. And they boast with the puffed up chest. It is my job to do so they say.

But what? if you’re going to do it to one, might as well call out all sin. I mean the bible is a book about sin, a book about life and death my friends. Sin is death and we all die. many times sin causes death sooner then it would of been without sin. and then there be a matter of our souls which live for eternal. The devil is real, and hardly any believe in God but we will believe in the devil. We will call out to ghost and spirits. and we think it is a game.  In fact, so-called games where created to do such things. But how sick is that to play with death, my friends? What book ever writes the devil as good? what book ever speaks good things when it comes to evil?

I have seen so many horror movies. I  have read so many books. I sat in so many things, and I only can remember one place that lifted up the devil. but then I think to myself these people are deceived. for they know the devil is death, and torment and agony. Sin keeps us in these things on planet earth. How do you think all these made up stories come from?

I believe in God. I believe in good and evil. many are calling evil good, and good evil. and as the bible says Woe unto them. Life is not a game my friends.  There is an evil spirit on earth. it destroys, it haunts, it torments, and that is on earth. how does any man think they can withstand hell? I myself could not withstand the hell of my own sin in planet earth.  So man, with all my heart God help me honor your Words. because just as I have seen hell on earth. I have seen God too and man I tell you the reward is greater with God! yeah you might not be super rich. You may not have many things men call wicked that is really bad for us. but the peace of God, The joy that comes, the love, the wisdom, the understanding. Just I tell you when I say the blessing is GREATER WITH GOD!

I say this because I love it and once you been to hell and then sat with God, it is really hard to go back to hell my friends. In fact, I cling to GOD! In Jesus name Daddy please I don’t want to go there!  Hell was created for monsters my friends and no man, or woman on planet earth wants to go there, and that is truth, Not if they knew truth anyways.

Call me crazy, say I am dumb, call me naive, say whatever you want about me, and all my days my eyes will be on God!  In fact, I believe nothing in planet earth or beyond will ever separate me from GOD!

God if they don’t believe in you, open their eyes so they see their master clearly.  For no man goes to hell blindly. We do it with our own actions, and that is truth friends whether people believe it or not!

there truly is too much evidence on planet earth to NOT believe in GOD and the devil my friends. Open your eyes, dear people! Written in more love then most will understand! and the utmost love for all people!

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