Comfortable Christianity

I love sitting in a crowd where people quote the scripture, where we talk God 24/7 I think it is beautiful. and I sat with many Christians. but then I started noticing none of these people left their circle. What is the point of being Christ like if you are hiding it in the closet? I don’t want to sit in a crowd where everyone knows the bible and high fives them self. I want to sit in the crowds nobody else does. I want to sit with criminals, with drug dealers, with addicts. I want to sit in the middle of broken people and say Hi my name is Michelle let me tell you of Jesus who saves. Jesus who heals, Jesus who delivers.

It is fun to sit with others who know God and high five each other. but my heart is in people like the former me.  I don’t want to sit with seven generation holy people. I mean no offense you don’t know my struggle, or the struggle of life and truth be told you should thank God if that is you. Thank God for keeping you sheltered. but I was not sheltered. I was in the wilderness. I was in the desert, in the valley of death is where I lived so I don’t care for comfortable Christianity. Especially when I noticed all my Christians had no problem telling me what was evil, and how I should act but can’t even speak the Gospel to the lost. I left that crowd.

I would rather sit with homeless people, drug dealers, addicts. people with problems who know they aren’t perfect. I see many say they love God, but they only speak God in the church. They only speak God in front of their other Christian friends. and that is fine and dandy. I don’t want to judge any but in my heart I just feel so this is why Jesus died? I asked God that one day and God told me to look at the scriptures deeper and so I did.

But then again I am one of the ones who was sent among wolves and maybe perhaps all Christian people can not do that. maybe there was a reason Paul was chosen and did not agree with others. I really don’t know. I just know I hardly want to sit among people who know the Lord, because honestly most of their hearts are not mine. I see many say Jehovah witness are false.Mormons are false but how many Christians you know that deliver the Gospel to you door to door? They are into comfortable Christianity.  Are they wrong? I don’t know all I know is my heart is not them.

I use to get so angry (kind of still do too honestly) nobody spoke about sin. Nobody called people out of sin. Then I said LORD here I am! I will go and so I did. I think that is one of the reasons I never took the Christian label. I never knew what it was most of my life. and now I know and I still don’t want the label. I would rather be Michelle. Because honestly some of today’s Christianity is worldly and that is truth and God says come out of these things, be not part of them! and so I did listen to God. Some, God calls separated and I am beginning to think I am one of them. Not boasting or bragging but seriously I do not care a lot for comfortable Christianity and those who can only speak Gospel in their church. it is people like that why so many go on broken and hurting, because they never know God can save them, because the ones with the knowledge sit among each other and never give it out to any new.

Sorry these words were not written to offend any but truly just how I feel. I understand all things work for God. Just truly glad to be out of the comfortable Christianity crowd and that is truth. I truly apologize if I offend any. That was not the purpose of this message. Was just mostly venting. have a blessed day dear people.

In the bible I read the justified are those who feed the homeless. those who heal the wounded. Those who are servants. Sitting in a crowd around people who know Jesus is not the only justification. I do truly pray many of us grow out of comfortable Christianity and may we be doers instead of people who preach to our self. For that is what comfortable Christianity is. I will stay where it is safe and speak Jesus among everyone else who speaks Jesus. The way of the world. I also believe in my heart the comfortable Christians are the ones who would flee in half a second when it came to needing help. Just something I observed in my own life.

12 thoughts on “Comfortable Christianity

    1. That has not been my experience seems to be like the days of Jesus. people who are hurting are thirsty for the word. I am better accepted in those places honestly. To the ones broken you become a savior but stand in a crowd and speak more Gospel then others and all of a sudden you are the devil. Seems to be my encounter and as I read the Words of Jesus seems to be the same to. People want healing and that is why God calls us out of the walls of our church and out of the walls of comfort but when you stay prayed up it is amazing to see God use you in crowds others can not go in. I thank you for your words! God bless you!


    2. Sorry, a world without comfort was when I did not know God and honestly it was a world of bags of discomfort. a lonely life was life without Jesus. Now I have Jesus it does not seem to matter what crowd I am the Comforter is with me and that is something to celebrate! My prayers is more people come out of the comfort zone and take the Comforter with them. Even if they are unheard those are my prayers. I appreciate your comment!


  1. I think generally most people that have sufficient to live on have some comfort in the way of family and friends but also life has its shocks and sorrows for us all. Perhaps the worst is to be stripped of all your possessions , as those in that terrible fire in California and this catastrophe will be doubled for those who have no savings to help them start anew.

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    1. I pray God help them as God helped me I lost everything I own three times in my life, and I had no means to replace any of it. and God provided. I had to pray and God was mighty to give back everything I lost! I think God is so WONDERFUL! and beyond California there are so many who lost everything. look at the storms, and the earthquakes and all the other numerous things that are happening. and I pray there be praying people in the crowd and God lead them to safety, shelter and really help them get all things they lost. but honestly as when I lost all my possessions, I gave thanks to God I still have my life for as long as you have life you can rebuild and that is truth! have a blessed day beloved!


  2. I believe we all hold a place God puts us in. You are obviously called to be where you are and do what you do. Loved the post and agree with you about venturing out of our little comfy places and into the great unknown with God before us.

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