Does God Care If You Believe Him?

Preach to our souls! ❤

Lift Him Up

God loves you!


Absolute biblical recordings reveal God punished those who did not believe or obey what He said. And He rewarded or blessed those who believed His word, following His commands.  

The Old Testament shares with us the prophets, those who spoke to the nation of Israel, disclosing His message to them. The prophets did not use their own words,  only the words spoken to them from God. But that changed in the New Testament.  In the time of Jesus, a new covenant was made that was to be followed. 

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Enough to share!

I have so much joy that I am sharing with those who don’t have any! I cut you off a tiny piece and I pray God plant it in your heart and multiply it and grow it sooooooooooooooooo big you are joyed everyday like me! So you can have my joy seed! YAY! 😀 I got the joy! Joy !Joy! Joy! Down in my heart! Yay! Planted by Michelle! Oh God please add water to it and grow it and let it blossom abundantly in their hearts in Jesus name Amen! Peace out dear people! See you tomorrow! Love you guys! and even though I give you a piece (seed) of my joy I pray many of us find the Joy of the LORD! But honestly my joy is GOD’s also so they are the same! Have a blessed day dear people! and I truly pray God fill the listener with joy today! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I will come back later with a picture of my joy! 😀 Love you guys!

Complaining is a BAD spirit!

So I got a random like on this today! Yay! 😀 and I went to go read it. and it seemed appropriate to reblog, as I will not be around much today. I pray the reader have a blessed wonderful day! I am not sure why I titled it this. Who knows what I was thinking, but after reading it I think I would of labeled it different! You know I once observed around Christmas times there were all these lines. I started talking, entertaining the crowd. It was great the whole crowd was listening. We were laughing having a good old time! The cashiers said sorry for how long it took and many of the people said oh no. I didn’t mind. That lady was entertaining us. she made the time go by quickly. They were talking about me. that made me feel good honestly, although when I did it I was not looking to feel good. So I did not really pay much attention to it because I was just being Michelle you know.

but then I went in the store and this time I did not feel like talking so I sat there. It was long lines everyone was just standing there. it was quiet. Then one guy shouts. Oh God comeeeee on!! Man how long is this going to take. (pretty sure he added in a few cuss words) and all of a sudden he created an angry mob. It only took that one angry guy to get everyone riled up, and just days before it only took one lady standing up speaking jokes and words of wisdom for the whole store to walk out smiling. I never would of paid much attention to what I did in the store because honestly I was just being myself. I never would of even mentioned that. But I said man complaining is a bad spirit and look at what happened from one man complaining,,,totally wicked. I only wrote this out because to me this is a better story about complaining being a bad spirit then the one that is attached to this!! Haha! Oh well I hope both things written bless the listener some how. I won’t be around much today. Love you guys!

Everything you do in life has repercussions. If you’re not part of the solution your a part of the problem! Words to consider! Shalom dear people! I really truly do believe complaining is a bad spirit. Practice not giving into to it. just what I consider good advice friends!

Michelle Stokes

Good morning Dear people! ❤ I want to start this letter by saying I understand I write on the internet where people all over the world see me. First and foremost I want to apologize to those who live in a less fortunate place then me. I did not get to pick the place I was born in, neither did I get to pick my parents. In America I would be considered poor. I am highly blessed though. I have way more then many do especially in this hour. Please do not judge me for who I am today although at the same time this is who I am today but in the past I have been many things.

I walked with a lot of people. I walked in many places. I was homeless, but because I prayed I was never without shelter. I did sleep on the street but…

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