Love for God! My praise!

My eyes are on God. My trust is in God. My faith is in God. Dear God as I lift up my voice to you I pray strengthen my members God. let me just praise you God. I fret not myself with evil doers but instead my eyes I put on you God. Here I am Lord! Surrendering my all to you Lord. into your hands I commit my spirit, my soul, my life is all yours God. use it for your glory. I pray give many strength who come to my page. Deliver your people. rise us up out of graves. out our dead vessels breathe us LIFE oh GOD!
God I humble before you. By my hands I can do nothing but lift my hands to you GOD! I trust you are able to save a great multitude of people. By your works God, by your Holy Spirit by your power GOD! I believe in the miracles you are performing in earth. I trust your plan God! All I have is yours God!
Here I am to just praise you God. I pray my praise be consider a sweet aroma to your nostrils. Look upon me a sinner saved by your mercy, saved by your Amazing Grace! Forever thankful I am GOD! Forevermore honored! I pray my words be pleasing to your ears, That you test my heart, mind , soul and spirit for all things are yours God and daily I surrender them to you willingly! Thank you for being WONDERFUL! it is an honor to praise you GOD! Thank you for allowing me to be alive so I can praise you today and the rest of my days everyday I rise this is my heart God. I thank you for creating it! For shaping it. Thank you for being Keeper of your Words. faithful and true they are GOD!

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