Free to be

Free to be. I think in today’s time that sentence is like a dagger. it is ok to free who you are. But what it really means is you are free to be yourself as long as you follow the crowd. Conform to everything around and you are free to be. and in human thinking that is great but in God’s wisdom that is death. We are free to make any choice we want, but I do pray many people learn freedom of choices has freedom of repercussions.

I am free to drink as much as I like, sleep with who I want, say what I want, do what I do without being judged. This is today’s mentality. and don’t you dare say a word to me. So how long before people realize we can be free so much we are held captive by our own freedom? I will give an example.

Now I know not the legalistic terms to the laws that are trying to be passed about same sex bathrooms. So honestly I can not speak that much on it. But I start wondering. Does that mean men and woman can go to the same bathroom? So how much freedom is freedom before we are captive to our own freedom?

So I am going to take it as, they are trying to have men and woman use the same bathrooms. So do people know kids are raped? Molesting is real? Do people know kids molest kids? This is not a joke friends, it happens all the time. So are we now promoters of this stuff? This is what freedom now means?

Why am I persecuted for speaking life, and it seems the killer, rapers and molesters are like getting hand slaps or even laws promoted for them to be better in society. I do not mean better them self, the monsters are given power to grow it seems. We now make laws so we can be free.  Free to be anything but don’t speak truth. Don’t speak life. Or somehow you will become the bad guy.

I just wonder, I wonder how long until they just lead us in a line straight to the ocean and just say jump in and push the ones who won’t go. because honestly some of the things that are being called freedom seem to be freeing monsters.

You are free to be anything you want. But to those who come to my wall. I love you. Love does not push you off the bridge. love gives you a life jacket. love teaches you how to swim. Love says because there is a ditch you may fall in, be careful! Take my hand! I will help you! Love says hey man consider your actions. Love says sin is death and in this generation I can understand why many do not know such stuff, but I truthfully pray some people consider.

There are monsters in the world and it is all fun and games until it is your child that gets hurt, you that gets raped. how many people were ever molested in their life? and if you were, do you want it done to others? So much of my life many have testified of being raped, being molested and soooooooooooooooo many of them keep it a secret. If we all sit silent and nobody thinks about our actions or what becomes of them. how free are we friends?

I freely love God. and as we are all free to love many things, I pray God help me just freely worship you unashamed nor afraid. let me bold with my praises as they are bold in their freedom! I pray God your Holy Spirit win and as I praise you GOD tear down these lies! Help them see truth and change their hearts oh God. help them see things at a different level that will help them consider, and also God bring them of remembrance of the future generations to come. because what happens when monsters breed my friends? they grow and reproduce. and that is truth! Free to be? What?

Written for people to consider friends. food for thought.. Shalom!

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