Cast down

Whether people know it or not evil will be cut off. Any tree that does not produce fruit shall be cursed and die. it is chopped off from the roots and will not grow again. There is a difference to those who sin willingly and those who sin because they know no better. I pray many examine their life for it is truth when I say evil is rewarded on planet earth. if you want to call it a reward. Every deed done has repercussions and many are hurting because they sin and know not the ONE who calls us out of it.

Sin is death and even though all people are born knowing they will pass away. our spirit lives on. So many cast down now and are unable to stand for you have no armor. You have no sword, no shield, you are naked my friends. I pray God dress the listener. That God give you new garments, and new armor my friends! Ephesians Chapter 6 is a good read. but also all through the Word is is written about God’s dressing my friends.

God is real. So is the devil and honestly when we sin we cause death to our self. Our sin is punished for there is no reward for those who sin only death on earth and after. Be not envious of evil doers for they shall be cut off. Like leaves be blown in the breeze they will be forgotten next season when new leaves become. Someone will clean them up and dispose of them and enjoy the new season with new leaves until the season ends my friends.

Those who are planted in the Word. they do not die but live. They see fruit of their labor and when their body passes away their soul lives in eternity with Jesus. and all others are forgotten. They are damned into a place where God never hears their prayers. for they pray night and day in hell and there is no comforter. there is no help. Only torment, pain and the master they created for self.

You can be in hell on earth, and people are not able to withstand such things in life. So how do they think they will like it when hell is eternal? There is no reward for evil doers. for even if they smile, God does know all things. Sin causes death, it causes confusion, it causes unnecessary pain in planet earth. Life is full of trials, and tribulations but when your strength is GOD you are able to withstand!!

God’s love is greater then any on earth can comprehend, although understanding is given to some,  many on earth can not comprehend because they never saw the love of God. Sometimes in order to find something you have to search for it. You have to seek it. and just like when keys are lost, if you search for them they are found. how many hours will one search for lost keys? lost money? lost possessions? I suggest many seek GOD with the same desire (effort) my friends and let it be a blessing to your soul.

I was lost. I was in darkness. I couldn’t see.  God it is dark, I am afraid and God shined the Light and took all fear from me and perfect love does cast out all fears, all anxieties and it is replaced with love. a love so great it just is able to give you such a peace, you no longer fret about anything!!! This is the truth of my life, and it is also what is written in the bible. I pray others find these words true and may Jesus give you power to cast down your sin. pick up your cross and follow Jesus. best way on planet earth to do such things is to Deny Self.  Flee the flesh which is sin. Feed the spirit which is the Word of God. that is the best food for our soul.

I pray many find the truth and discover the full meaning of this post and let it be a full body healing to your heart, mind, soul and spirit in Jesus name Amen! This post was inspired from many different scriptures. Psalm 36, Psalm 37, Matthew  Chapter 7. Way more i will not mention. I pray it be enough to captivate your spirit and may you be forever bonded with Jesus my friends, in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people!

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