A Touch of the Holy Spirit

Praise the Lord dear people. Just coming on to say hi! I pray the reader’s day is blessed and God touch us with the Holy Spirit. May you see and feel the Holy Spirit in your life. may God just touch your heart, touch your mind, soul and spirit. This is the day God made. I myself will rejoice in it. I give God thanks and praise for waking me today! I thank God for sun and even weather change. For I once lived where it was hot always and can’t take the country out of a country mouse. I found out I love the weather change because just when I get tired of it, it changes!


I pray God change the season of the listener. if you are going through storms, I pray God lead you to the dry land. God erase your past. Give you a future you can be happy with and help us walk in the path of life my friends!  I pray God breathe a breath of fresh air in our nostrils and may God restore all things the devil stole from many and just multiply God’s goodness in your life. Lift up the Son of Man and rejoice! GOD LOVES US!


If you are watching, reading or listening, if you never saw God’s love I pray God touch you with the Holy Spirit and you see the presence of Almighty GOD in your life from this moment on, in Jesus name Amen!  Going to share a song that is kind of old now but the words. Man! Holy Spirit you are welcome here! Fill my house, my home, my friends with a WONDERFUL NEW SPIRIT! Fill us with a new heart God and plant your Holy Spirit with in us!

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