Cheers to Jesus! :)

You can sit, you can pause, you can rest, take a break but never give up!

You can stand for a second, you can take a pause, you can examine but don’t give up.

Without direction the feet stumble. The feet fall. people hit the ground and stay there. You have to rise. Dear Lord Jesus I need you today, tomorrow and even forevermore. I need you to guide me. Shine your Light upon me. Lead the way.

Carry me I am falling! No I am not! I am walking on water! I can do all things through Christ! He is my strength! He will give me wings and I shall fly like an eagle. in His wings I am hidden. Tucked away in His Heart. By His WORDS I will rise. I shall stand up! I will not fail! I won’t stumble! neither will my feet be moved or shaken! and even if so before my feet hit the floor, I will trust the LORD will carry me and place me in a place a safety! He shall carry me and I will rejoice! I will sing a sweet tune. a song to my Beloved! I shall sing pretty and sing of the Lord’s Goodness! For the rest of my days are filled with Son shine! and by His rays I will ride in with His glory! and I will sing praises to my Daddy! Praise Jesus who is faithful and true to His WORDS! WE SHALL ALL SING NEW TUNES! GOD’s NOT DEAD! NEITHER is GOD in a tomb! GOD has risen my friends! And GOD shall rise His Army!

Like dust of the ground they will be, like ashes scattered in the breeze. I shall gather each and every broken piece and I the Potter shall put them all back together. I will mend their wounds. I will heal their broken hearts, I will heal the incurable things. I Jesus will do these things. For these are not my sheep but my people. it is I who created them I who have shaped them with my own hands. In their iniquity I shall hear their cries. I will hear their pleads. I will judge justly and I shall have mercy and I will rise them up!

God is calling any who will listen may these words travel in the winds to the north, south and east and west to all corners of earth and even back and fro if the world be a circle but no matter the Word’s of the LORD will be fulfilled for they were written way before this generation stood. they were given in the garden and beyond my friends the earth was created by God’s Word and I do pray many sit right with their Maker!

I truly pray people read past one side of their bible. that their eyes be open to scripture. that we all sit with God and that many find their purpose in life, their meaning. That God fill their empty void with the Holy Spirit. I pray God take away bitter and fill you with all things JESUS! Those are my prayers and I pray them for every single person this message comes to and even those who it does not. For I know not how many are God’s. I dare not number anything for all number’s are God’s! I pray these words reach people who come to understanding the Word is a Lamp unto our feet, Jesus is  LIGHT. may this post be a great beacon of Light that shine you to Jesus friends! Let us be like the people in the darkness the Light has shun upon. The Book of Isaiah referenced and as Jesus spoke John 8:12. Shalom dear people!

Dear God we are unclean people, with unclean lips. our deeds are like filthy rags, we come before your throne, we dare not look upon you for we know we are sinners. Although our sins are red like scarlet, God it is a written promise they shall be washed clean by you oh God. I speak true words I know are promised, and I pray God answer them for a great number of people God.

Not for my glory God, not for my vanity but for your glory God, for your zeal, for your joy God, not mine. I pray it be done God. I thank you for answering these prayers God! for you know how many years, how many times I said prayers like that, and I truly do appreciate you for answering them and that is truth God! Open the ears to many people. Let us be given hearing, and seeing, fill us with your wisdom God. rise us up for your Name’s sake. in Jesus name Amen!  God bless you God! ❤ is that even possible but if so God bless you God I love you! 😀 This is the part where I run and hug GOD and say THANK YOU ABBA! Man thank you so much for hearing my prayers all them years! 😀

Sorry people I am so happy! I am off to enjoy my evening! have a blessed day, or evening whatever it is when you read this!

Spirit of heaviness

A spirit of heaviness. suicidal, depression, grief, long suffering. These things are real. They have help centers, medication, but as a person who suffered much grief. when was down God did lead me to Psalms. My bible randomly fell open to Psalms 27. I was holding it and crying to God. after a failed suicide attempt. I could not find answers to my depression. Nobody could give me the words or pills to cure me. I was incurable.

I was crying talking to God my bible fell open to Psalms 27. I read it in tears. I got to the end. I lingered on these two scriptures.

Psalms 27:13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

I read them a few times I started crying more. I started talking to God. Fainted? what does that mean? I am beyond fainting? I need help. I need this pain to go away. This was after my suicide attempt I made mention of on my page. You can find it you want to. labeled suicide attempt part one and 2. Feel free to go watch them both. put suicide in the search bar on my site and it should take you right to them.

Either way when I found out I lived. I said I would not ever try again because honestly what if I failed again too. I just learned my lesson but honestly I was not happy to be alive. and for almost two weeks I would not speak to God. Then I broke down. That is when the bible feel open to that scripture. and I wept to God. and honestly I heard God. but I thought it was the devil because God told me God would heal me. and I did not believe. I did not even believe I was curable. But somehow God changed everything about my mind.

Sometimes I think medicines work. Sometimes I think people need to look at their life. I would love to say everyone pray and find God but the reality of that being is maybe not that great. and even if you don’t call on God today, years from now this conversation could save your life. But I also know if you put it to practice sooner it can help you.

I believe in God. I believe in the power of God. I believe God came to heal the broken. What turns people into believers is the power of the things they say to God. and the things that come after. Seeing makes you a believer, anyways that is what I believe.

God really spoke to my soul. you are what you put in you. change your music. Draw near to me and I will cleanse you of everything. I will create you into something you will not recognize. I never believed, I had to see it with my own eyes, but I tell you it has been many years, and many things are come and I do know I am not down like I was and honestly I can only give my credit to God. Someone I know just recently committed suicide and it seems like everywhere I been going last few days everyone is talking about being depressed. feeling like killing them self. My friends if that is you please get some help. Go to a mental hospital. call a hotline or call on Jesus.

I have been so happy lately and the last few years, maybe even longer, and half of me almost doesn’t want to admit it, because most of the world is in sorrow. and honestly all the years I did go through sorrow I am happy to say I am not now. God taught me how to be content in all situations and I am thankful for that. because I don’t think I have a perfect life. in fact even this year I went through things that would slow others down. but something about trusting God. just takes all them worries and stuff away, they just aren’t yours anymore.

I do say I believe instead of thinking on the negative. Think about the good. because as little as you have and as bad as it is. it can always get worst. Sit down with a paper. make goals of where you see your self. Force yourself to think positive. the Word of God is mind transforming I think anyways. but seriously hard to get up when your only thinking things to bring you down.

People are out there without homes, without shelter, without running water. Children are being raped and mothers lose children. please just think, man I am alive. I could be worst and as long as I live I can change. Take all your doubt to God. Lord I can’t do it. I can’t change. I can’t do anything on my own. help me God. put me on a path to lift myself up.

if you’re in a bad situation pray yourself out of it. if your in a bad circle and don’t know how to go forward. pray and ask God to send you angels and help. Set your heart on life and God and you might find what you are looking for. That is what I believe dear people.

P.S. I did not write about bad things so you can stay there. i wrote about them so you can say man I am blessed I have more then others. I am alive. I can still change my life.. That is a blessing friends! I only say these things, for these are the things I did in my life and they helped me greatly, I pray they help others too. have a blessed day dear people!

Also if you are doing drugs and thinking suicidal thoughts. Find help. Drugs are downers, even uppers when you come down are downers. they are all depressants my friends. Want to know why you aren’t happy? if you are doing drugs it is because you are an addict and feeding the fuel and sorry it might hurt but it is truth. You want happiness go to rehab or go to Jesus and ask for full body healing because it is fact drugs don’t bring happiness. just temporal empty feelings with a desire to get more drugs, never ending cycle of depression friends and that is truth!

I pray many get drunk of the Holy Spirit. best High on planet earth! To be clean, sober and praising God. To be delivered. To find happiness without destroying yourself! Best high on earth!

Isaiah 61! replace sorrow with praise. A change of music is smoothing. I love God music it breathes life into the bones! If you listen to songs about slicing your wrist when you’re down or how God awful this world is, Don’t be surprised if those thoughts multiply.  Input produces Output.

Free to be

Free to be. I think in today’s time that sentence is like a dagger. it is ok to free who you are. But what it really means is you are free to be yourself as long as you follow the crowd. Conform to everything around and you are free to be. and in human thinking that is great but in God’s wisdom that is death. We are free to make any choice we want, but I do pray many people learn freedom of choices has freedom of repercussions.

I am free to drink as much as I like, sleep with who I want, say what I want, do what I do without being judged. This is today’s mentality. and don’t you dare say a word to me. So how long before people realize we can be free so much we are held captive by our own freedom? I will give an example.

Now I know not the legalistic terms to the laws that are trying to be passed about same sex bathrooms. So honestly I can not speak that much on it. But I start wondering. Does that mean men and woman can go to the same bathroom? So how much freedom is freedom before we are captive to our own freedom?

So I am going to take it as, they are trying to have men and woman use the same bathrooms. So do people know kids are raped? Molesting is real? Do people know kids molest kids? This is not a joke friends, it happens all the time. So are we now promoters of this stuff? This is what freedom now means?

Why am I persecuted for speaking life, and it seems the killer, rapers and molesters are like getting hand slaps or even laws promoted for them to be better in society. I do not mean better them self, the monsters are given power to grow it seems. We now make laws so we can be free.  Free to be anything but don’t speak truth. Don’t speak life. Or somehow you will become the bad guy.

I just wonder, I wonder how long until they just lead us in a line straight to the ocean and just say jump in and push the ones who won’t go. because honestly some of the things that are being called freedom seem to be freeing monsters.

You are free to be anything you want. But to those who come to my wall. I love you. Love does not push you off the bridge. love gives you a life jacket. love teaches you how to swim. Love says because there is a ditch you may fall in, be careful! Take my hand! I will help you! Love says hey man consider your actions. Love says sin is death and in this generation I can understand why many do not know such stuff, but I truthfully pray some people consider.

There are monsters in the world and it is all fun and games until it is your child that gets hurt, you that gets raped. how many people were ever molested in their life? and if you were, do you want it done to others? So much of my life many have testified of being raped, being molested and soooooooooooooooo many of them keep it a secret. If we all sit silent and nobody thinks about our actions or what becomes of them. how free are we friends?

I freely love God. and as we are all free to love many things, I pray God help me just freely worship you unashamed nor afraid. let me bold with my praises as they are bold in their freedom! I pray God your Holy Spirit win and as I praise you GOD tear down these lies! Help them see truth and change their hearts oh God. help them see things at a different level that will help them consider, and also God bring them of remembrance of the future generations to come. because what happens when monsters breed my friends? they grow and reproduce. and that is truth! Free to be? What?

Written for people to consider friends. food for thought.. Shalom!

Love for God! My praise!

My eyes are on God. My trust is in God. My faith is in God. Dear God as I lift up my voice to you I pray strengthen my members God. let me just praise you God. I fret not myself with evil doers but instead my eyes I put on you God. Here I am Lord! Surrendering my all to you Lord. into your hands I commit my spirit, my soul, my life is all yours God. use it for your glory. I pray give many strength who come to my page. Deliver your people. rise us up out of graves. out our dead vessels breathe us LIFE oh GOD!
God I humble before you. By my hands I can do nothing but lift my hands to you GOD! I trust you are able to save a great multitude of people. By your works God, by your Holy Spirit by your power GOD! I believe in the miracles you are performing in earth. I trust your plan God! All I have is yours God!
Here I am to just praise you God. I pray my praise be consider a sweet aroma to your nostrils. Look upon me a sinner saved by your mercy, saved by your Amazing Grace! Forever thankful I am GOD! Forevermore honored! I pray my words be pleasing to your ears, That you test my heart, mind , soul and spirit for all things are yours God and daily I surrender them to you willingly! Thank you for being WONDERFUL! it is an honor to praise you GOD! Thank you for allowing me to be alive so I can praise you today and the rest of my days everyday I rise this is my heart God. I thank you for creating it! For shaping it. Thank you for being Keeper of your Words. faithful and true they are GOD!

Cast down

Whether people know it or not evil will be cut off. Any tree that does not produce fruit shall be cursed and die. it is chopped off from the roots and will not grow again. There is a difference to those who sin willingly and those who sin because they know no better. I pray many examine their life for it is truth when I say evil is rewarded on planet earth. if you want to call it a reward. Every deed done has repercussions and many are hurting because they sin and know not the ONE who calls us out of it.

Sin is death and even though all people are born knowing they will pass away. our spirit lives on. So many cast down now and are unable to stand for you have no armor. You have no sword, no shield, you are naked my friends. I pray God dress the listener. That God give you new garments, and new armor my friends! Ephesians Chapter 6 is a good read. but also all through the Word is is written about God’s dressing my friends.

God is real. So is the devil and honestly when we sin we cause death to our self. Our sin is punished for there is no reward for those who sin only death on earth and after. Be not envious of evil doers for they shall be cut off. Like leaves be blown in the breeze they will be forgotten next season when new leaves become. Someone will clean them up and dispose of them and enjoy the new season with new leaves until the season ends my friends.

Those who are planted in the Word. they do not die but live. They see fruit of their labor and when their body passes away their soul lives in eternity with Jesus. and all others are forgotten. They are damned into a place where God never hears their prayers. for they pray night and day in hell and there is no comforter. there is no help. Only torment, pain and the master they created for self.

You can be in hell on earth, and people are not able to withstand such things in life. So how do they think they will like it when hell is eternal? There is no reward for evil doers. for even if they smile, God does know all things. Sin causes death, it causes confusion, it causes unnecessary pain in planet earth. Life is full of trials, and tribulations but when your strength is GOD you are able to withstand!!

God’s love is greater then any on earth can comprehend, although understanding is given to some,  many on earth can not comprehend because they never saw the love of God. Sometimes in order to find something you have to search for it. You have to seek it. and just like when keys are lost, if you search for them they are found. how many hours will one search for lost keys? lost money? lost possessions? I suggest many seek GOD with the same desire (effort) my friends and let it be a blessing to your soul.

I was lost. I was in darkness. I couldn’t see.  God it is dark, I am afraid and God shined the Light and took all fear from me and perfect love does cast out all fears, all anxieties and it is replaced with love. a love so great it just is able to give you such a peace, you no longer fret about anything!!! This is the truth of my life, and it is also what is written in the bible. I pray others find these words true and may Jesus give you power to cast down your sin. pick up your cross and follow Jesus. best way on planet earth to do such things is to Deny Self.  Flee the flesh which is sin. Feed the spirit which is the Word of God. that is the best food for our soul.

I pray many find the truth and discover the full meaning of this post and let it be a full body healing to your heart, mind, soul and spirit in Jesus name Amen! This post was inspired from many different scriptures. Psalm 36, Psalm 37, Matthew  Chapter 7. Way more i will not mention. I pray it be enough to captivate your spirit and may you be forever bonded with Jesus my friends, in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people!

A Touch of the Holy Spirit

Praise the Lord dear people. Just coming on to say hi! I pray the reader’s day is blessed and God touch us with the Holy Spirit. May you see and feel the Holy Spirit in your life. may God just touch your heart, touch your mind, soul and spirit. This is the day God made. I myself will rejoice in it. I give God thanks and praise for waking me today! I thank God for sun and even weather change. For I once lived where it was hot always and can’t take the country out of a country mouse. I found out I love the weather change because just when I get tired of it, it changes!


I pray God change the season of the listener. if you are going through storms, I pray God lead you to the dry land. God erase your past. Give you a future you can be happy with and help us walk in the path of life my friends!  I pray God breathe a breath of fresh air in our nostrils and may God restore all things the devil stole from many and just multiply God’s goodness in your life. Lift up the Son of Man and rejoice! GOD LOVES US!


If you are watching, reading or listening, if you never saw God’s love I pray God touch you with the Holy Spirit and you see the presence of Almighty GOD in your life from this moment on, in Jesus name Amen!  Going to share a song that is kind of old now but the words. Man! Holy Spirit you are welcome here! Fill my house, my home, my friends with a WONDERFUL NEW SPIRIT! Fill us with a new heart God and plant your Holy Spirit with in us!