Saggy Pants

Dear friends. I love you guys and honestly it is because I love you I speak these words. To those who love to sag with their pants to the ground. I want to know, do you walk around with spare boxers in your pocket? and if not what happens when nature takes it’s course and you get diarrhea? it is human nature that almost everyone in their life will shart (not sure of proper spelling or if it is even a real word) them self, or have an instance when they can not make it to the bathroom. laugh if you want, but it happens. So what happens when you have your pants hanging to your knees and you poop yourself? You going to walk around and show the world your skids marks?  That seems embarrassing. I just wrote these things in love. Good will sells belts. So does wal mart and many other stores. You can find them for a couple dollars. Seems like it would be wise to wear a belt then to walk around in shame later. These are just my thoughts.

Also I never heard any woman in my life say men showing their butts is sexy. in fact quite the opposite.  Everyone I know think’s it is nasty when men have their boxers out. I once asked men what if ladies did this, and of course they answered in lust. ohhh we would love that. So I shared a picture of five LARGE (like super huge) ladies all with the panties showing, sagging. and the comments…. I was called gross. So wow, what you meant to say was, if beautiful women do it it is ok. Well just as you did not want to see those over sized woman showing skin, many of us don’t want to see your skin either. maybe perhaps some hood rat thinks it is attractive, but I hear all your brothers say you want a REAL WOMAN. Well it is truth when I say REAL WOMEN ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO THAT!  This post was written in love, humor and prayerfully words many consider! Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

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