Cleaning Up House

Today is a blessed beautiful day.  Cleaning up my house. Offline and online. This page is under construction! Making room for the new and out with the old. I am really changing the direction I am heading. With God I can achieve all things I am trying to accomplish!  I pray the reader be blessed. Stay tuned for more inspirational faith based work.

Whether it be writing, arts, crafts, poetry, music, praise, God is the center of it all and I do truly pray it inspire and create with in people a genuine passion for God. I pray all things I do lead any to a stronger relationship in God, or to those who have none may God establish a wonderful relationship with you friends! Those are my prayers! God bless the reader! And I truly welcome you all to my page. And honestly I think it is wonderful to be able to watch things grow. if you been watching me for awhile may we be able to see progress!

And if my work does not inspire you, I apologize but it is truth when I say, I do enjoy what I am doing. May any enjoy the fruit of my labor! Shalom dear people!

Soon coming… I am publishing books. Some will be for free, others I may charge a few pennies. Either way the Word of God is free and delivered to all daily. Well to any who truly search for it, You can find it, that is. I do want people to read my books and even purchase them, but my true desires is people read the only Book on Earth I consider LIFE changing and that is the Word (Holy Bible). I also will be coming out with a study guide, which will be designed to help you study God’s Words. I truly pray these up coming things help a great multitude of people get closer to Jesus! Those are my genuine prayers!  God bless all who take time and visit my page! I pray your visit be in vain and God use it for your good, in Jesus name Amen! By vain I mean good for your soul!

And for those who are seeking the Word, you can find so many numerous ways to find it online free. There is youtube which you can find the Word being read on video. There is blueletterbible, there is biblegateway, and so many other numerous sites you can find God’s Word. both those sites I mentioned have a lovely play option so you can even let the website read it out loud, or read along. They have aps you can download and get daily verses. So many places you can find the Word for free. I pray God plant a genuine desire in the reader to seek God’s Holy Words. Have a blessed day dear people!

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