Blessed Bible Study 101 for any who truly want growth

Praise God dear people. I am going to make reference to a page I think it is golden! has been around for many years! Thank God for these people!!! I am not doing too many bible studies anymore. But I will do you one better! I will tell you how to do your own. The subject of the day is pray.  Go to blue letter bible. I say choose King James version because words matter and if you look to other bibles many scriptures may be removed. pick up a few translations if you have to and compare them. Use a dictionary. use a concordance and grow in God.

One of the most blessed bible studies you can ever do is look up. pray, prays, prayer, prayers.  if you search all those words, just meditate and sit and wonder. I would then go look at stories in the Word of people’s prayers. This bible study can not be done in one night. it might take a couple weeks to accomplish but man when you are done you will be thanking God in heaven or I know I did anyways! God bless everyone. remember Jesus is the way! so honestly anytime you see LORD or GOD just know it is Jesus. I say this so you can be years ahead in your study. You will do better when you understand Jesus is GOD friends and that is truth beloveds.

So when you punch in those words at blueletterbible it brings up all the scriptures with those words.  Then if you click the scripture you can read the verses and chapters before which is truly wise to do my friends because taking one verse could be taken out of context if you are not reading the verses and chapters before.

Either way these words were written and spoken by me so we don’t stay babies in Christ I pray GOD rise us up into Man and Woman of GOD, my friends, and not to be cocky but you’re welcome! For most pastors and preachers will not teach you this. They will instead say listen to my speech, follow me and I will lead. I say man, I give you the advice. grow or don’t, but if you listen you will be better then most in today’s generation. For God truly does reward those who seek diligently my friends. Let these words bless you! and they will for all who listen!  have a blessed day dear family in GOD! Shalom!

I didn’t come to raise babies and keep us in diapers. Time to put our big boy pants on. and if you listen you will grow and that is truth my friends! How bad do you want healing? How bad do you want to be used by God? How much you want to grow is truly up to you.  God is not a respecter of people but TRULY GOD REWARDS THOSE WHO SEEK DILIGENTLY!  I myself would not want to fall behind in any spiritual gift, wisdom or knowledge and if any have a heart like mine. I pray you dive in and eat the WORD, whole until you thirst no more and your hunger is satisfied, but honestly not sure if that ever comes because the more you eat it becomes a TRUE DELIGHT! and who can ever get full? NOT I!  Everyday i want more! I have to! I need it!! or I die from starvation and I feel empty without my daily feeding of the WORD! and that is truth dear people!

These words were written for spiritual growth to any who will listen! have a blessed day dear people! ❤ Love you guys!



6 thoughts on “Blessed Bible Study 101 for any who truly want growth

    1. A couple married as one together under Christ?!!! I myself think it would be a blessing to do a bible study on husbands and wives, and if you two are willing ask God to open doors so you can be that couple, that guides other couples in Christ! God knows with the way people are not getting married, and many don’t know how to be spouses, I think the world is missing married couple counseling! or biblical bible studies on it. It is really amazing to see how Jesus sat with all the women and listened them. He did not silence them. I think being Christ like plays a big role in marriage but that is just what I think. I use to teach such things but others were not always able to hear it. They said are you married? I said only to God, well apparently not everyone wants to hear marriage counseling from people who are not married. Some did others didn’t, but I think that marriage is so beautiful and praying God restore marriages. So perhaps this message was written for my own self satisfaction. But I truly believe it would make God happy if many worked on their marriages. That is just what I believe. Either way this was all just random gibberish. I pray God can use that gibberish in ways I can’t imagine. Not sure if this was what you meant when you said any suggestions? but it is what came out my head! 😀


  1. My marriage, like most, needs a lot of work. lol I was asking where in the bible is the best place to start when doing bible study. We’re just randomly all over the bible, reading one chapter and not getting too much from it. Do we start with Paul’s letters? OT?

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    1. Marriages are like life and our relationships with God. That is how God designed it. Life is not easy it all takes work! :D. I will tell you how I study. Not sure if it is how you should. everything in the New Testament is the Old Testament. I like to do word search bible studies. I think they are the best. Or like let’s say for instance,
      Matthew 23:35 King James Version (KJV)
      35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar……………………..when I saw this scripture. I wanted to know what Jesus was talking about. So I went to go read the story of Abel and find out who was Zacharias. I think one can just sit and study Old Testament alone. But when it comes to New Testament you have to go back to the Old to see what is being mentioned. Like Paul talks about a thorn in His side. it is interesting to do a bible study on the word thorn. Most the whole bible is parables and mentions itself back and forth. Or I have found this to be the case for King James version. I love many bibles but that one is one of my favorites when it comes to studying. Not sure this will help because honestly, I don’t think I have an answer outright. many people study different ways. and I myself would sit in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for a long time. The things Jesus teaches, in my opinion, surpass anything written in the Word. and everything Jesus speaks is Old testament so honestly, I would sit at His feet and have all my questions come from His teaching, and pray for answers and wisdom.

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      1. I like the idea of doing a word search. Sometimes my wife and I have really interesting discussions about things in the Bible that it’s kind of like a Bible study, we just aren’t looking up the verses. But we really need to use the bible and know where things are and check cross references.

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      2. is a wonderful website! Helps you do studies by words. then it is good to look into roots of orginal words! God bless you and yours and I pray God enrich you greatly and open up the doors to wisdom and knowledge and let it be a huge blessing to you and others in Jesus name Amen!

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