Many paths, ONE answer!

In my life I seen many paths, studied many religions sat in many things I don’t care to discuss. I do not mean to offend any man’s religion or beliefs. and honestly I am not telling any you have to believe like me.  I once believed in many things. As a kid I found out santa claus was not real, neither was the easter bunny, or the tooth fairy. At one time I even thought God was not real. but unlike santa claus, or the tooth fairy or any of them other bedtime stories.  I found God. Or God found me.

I use to cry to this invisible God. I truly had forgotten I prayed to God as a kid and even heard God, for I was able to turn off anything God. I even made myself forget somethings in the past, because I had to, or I would of not went on. So as with many child hood memories I did the same thing to God. I told myself they were not real. I told myself it never happened. and I was able to move on. but that was not real either. 

I was living in the past. I was walking around making decisions based off what other’s did to me. I lived my life, but such things were killing me. I had hate in my heart. Vengeance? I was good at it! In fact I was one of the best. Everything I ever tried to do in life I was good at it. But the sad thing as I was not being good. I was doing all these things to fill a void. To be filled up. but not really for it left me empty.

In the well I fell. Deep in the dirt I sank. Rock bottom ? What is that? My whole life is one bottom I thought. I gave up. I got tired. I couldn’t do it anymore. I gave up. Isolated myself. I had been people’s strength for so long. Nobody on earth could cheer me up. It was a sad time in my life friends.

Isolated alone. Me, myself facing my fears. it is cold and lonely. I’m afraid of the dark. When the night wind blows and the demons come out. I keep screaming. nobody hears me. I am alone. it is cold. I am frightened. Hello! I shout! I sigh, I cry. Why can nobody hear? Can anyone see me? Hello? Desolated, pain, torment all around. I am falling, I am falling. My feet seeking ground. Never hitting. always falling.  I let out a whisper. I try to scream but my mouth won’t open. Wounded I sit. On the floor I bleed. Not one soul on earth to even see. I cried rivers. I cried oceans. I cried on Jesus. What is this?

My eyes opened I saw myself. a puzzle, a riddle. I am sick of living I said. oh God why? I can’t take it anymore. I tried to end it I thought. God says I have other plans for you. take my hand. I will help you rise. out of mud I will rise you up. I will mend your wounds. I will heal your broken heart. I could not believe! I doubted! God laughed and turned me into a BELIEVER!! It was the best thing in earth I ever seen or saw was when God changed a woman like me!  who was not even worthy!  My all was missing, it was shattered in a million pieces. Shattered like dust, like ashes being blown I was scattered all around the room and God picked up every single piece and gave it back to me! and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!   I AM A WOMAN MADE WHOLE! Hallelujah!

Only God could turn such a sorrowful poem  into a sweet new wonderful tune. I pray these words hit someone like the former me. and may Jesus find you and keep you and put you back together also my friends. In my hour of sorrow I called out to God. God lead me Psalms and seems a lot of people in that Book had sorrow for it is a lot of scripture that tells us cry out to God. and then let us pray GOD turn my tears to joy! AMEN!

it is a WONDERFUL delight to follow Jesus. I suggest any broken try it. I tried many paths but the only path I found that was LIFE to me was and is JESUS so that is what I speak. So much testimony of Jesus healing people. perhaps try looking some up and may it bless you friends! I mean  just hearing it from one witness you might not believe me. and One you can call crazy maybe, but all those people Jesus healing. Might want to ask Jesus say HEAL ME TO JESUS!  I don’t know I just consider that something to consider friends. May God find you and write you in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE! Have a WONDERFUL day dear people! ❤ Written by Michelle Stokes! Love you guys! ❤

Cleaning Up House

Today is a blessed beautiful day.  Cleaning up my house. Offline and online. This page is under construction! Making room for the new and out with the old. I am really changing the direction I am heading. With God I can achieve all things I am trying to accomplish!  I pray the reader be blessed. Stay tuned for more inspirational faith based work.

Whether it be writing, arts, crafts, poetry, music, praise, God is the center of it all and I do truly pray it inspire and create with in people a genuine passion for God. I pray all things I do lead any to a stronger relationship in God, or to those who have none may God establish a wonderful relationship with you friends! Those are my prayers! God bless the reader! And I truly welcome you all to my page. And honestly I think it is wonderful to be able to watch things grow. if you been watching me for awhile may we be able to see progress!

And if my work does not inspire you, I apologize but it is truth when I say, I do enjoy what I am doing. May any enjoy the fruit of my labor! Shalom dear people!

Soon coming… I am publishing books. Some will be for free, others I may charge a few pennies. Either way the Word of God is free and delivered to all daily. Well to any who truly search for it, You can find it, that is. I do want people to read my books and even purchase them, but my true desires is people read the only Book on Earth I consider LIFE changing and that is the Word (Holy Bible). I also will be coming out with a study guide, which will be designed to help you study God’s Words. I truly pray these up coming things help a great multitude of people get closer to Jesus! Those are my genuine prayers!  God bless all who take time and visit my page! I pray your visit be in vain and God use it for your good, in Jesus name Amen! By vain I mean good for your soul!

And for those who are seeking the Word, you can find so many numerous ways to find it online free. There is youtube which you can find the Word being read on video. There is blueletterbible, there is biblegateway, and so many other numerous sites you can find God’s Word. both those sites I mentioned have a lovely play option so you can even let the website read it out loud, or read along. They have aps you can download and get daily verses. So many places you can find the Word for free. I pray God plant a genuine desire in the reader to seek God’s Holy Words. Have a blessed day dear people!

Saggy Pants

Dear friends. I love you guys and honestly it is because I love you I speak these words. To those who love to sag with their pants to the ground. I want to know, do you walk around with spare boxers in your pocket? and if not what happens when nature takes it’s course and you get diarrhea? it is human nature that almost everyone in their life will shart (not sure of proper spelling or if it is even a real word) them self, or have an instance when they can not make it to the bathroom. laugh if you want, but it happens. So what happens when you have your pants hanging to your knees and you poop yourself? You going to walk around and show the world your skids marks?  That seems embarrassing. I just wrote these things in love. Good will sells belts. So does wal mart and many other stores. You can find them for a couple dollars. Seems like it would be wise to wear a belt then to walk around in shame later. These are just my thoughts.

Also I never heard any woman in my life say men showing their butts is sexy. in fact quite the opposite.  Everyone I know think’s it is nasty when men have their boxers out. I once asked men what if ladies did this, and of course they answered in lust. ohhh we would love that. So I shared a picture of five LARGE (like super huge) ladies all with the panties showing, sagging. and the comments…. I was called gross. So wow, what you meant to say was, if beautiful women do it it is ok. Well just as you did not want to see those over sized woman showing skin, many of us don’t want to see your skin either. maybe perhaps some hood rat thinks it is attractive, but I hear all your brothers say you want a REAL WOMAN. Well it is truth when I say REAL WOMEN ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO THAT!  This post was written in love, humor and prayerfully words many consider! Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

Blessed Bible Study 101 for any who truly want growth

Praise God dear people. I am going to make reference to a page I think it is golden! has been around for many years! Thank God for these people!!! I am not doing too many bible studies anymore. But I will do you one better! I will tell you how to do your own. The subject of the day is pray.  Go to blue letter bible. I say choose King James version because words matter and if you look to other bibles many scriptures may be removed. pick up a few translations if you have to and compare them. Use a dictionary. use a concordance and grow in God.

One of the most blessed bible studies you can ever do is look up. pray, prays, prayer, prayers.  if you search all those words, just meditate and sit and wonder. I would then go look at stories in the Word of people’s prayers. This bible study can not be done in one night. it might take a couple weeks to accomplish but man when you are done you will be thanking God in heaven or I know I did anyways! God bless everyone. remember Jesus is the way! so honestly anytime you see LORD or GOD just know it is Jesus. I say this so you can be years ahead in your study. You will do better when you understand Jesus is GOD friends and that is truth beloveds.

So when you punch in those words at blueletterbible it brings up all the scriptures with those words.  Then if you click the scripture you can read the verses and chapters before which is truly wise to do my friends because taking one verse could be taken out of context if you are not reading the verses and chapters before.

Either way these words were written and spoken by me so we don’t stay babies in Christ I pray GOD rise us up into Man and Woman of GOD, my friends, and not to be cocky but you’re welcome! For most pastors and preachers will not teach you this. They will instead say listen to my speech, follow me and I will lead. I say man, I give you the advice. grow or don’t, but if you listen you will be better then most in today’s generation. For God truly does reward those who seek diligently my friends. Let these words bless you! and they will for all who listen!  have a blessed day dear family in GOD! Shalom!

I didn’t come to raise babies and keep us in diapers. Time to put our big boy pants on. and if you listen you will grow and that is truth my friends! How bad do you want healing? How bad do you want to be used by God? How much you want to grow is truly up to you.  God is not a respecter of people but TRULY GOD REWARDS THOSE WHO SEEK DILIGENTLY!  I myself would not want to fall behind in any spiritual gift, wisdom or knowledge and if any have a heart like mine. I pray you dive in and eat the WORD, whole until you thirst no more and your hunger is satisfied, but honestly not sure if that ever comes because the more you eat it becomes a TRUE DELIGHT! and who can ever get full? NOT I!  Everyday i want more! I have to! I need it!! or I die from starvation and I feel empty without my daily feeding of the WORD! and that is truth dear people!

These words were written for spiritual growth to any who will listen! have a blessed day dear people! ❤ Love you guys!



Amazing testimonies!

Praise the Lord dear people!! One thing I have been noticing is so many people testifying of all the things Jesus did for them. God is rising up an army many can only speak of end days but for those who only know half prophecy the end days was a GOOD THING! For God spoke in the end days God will lift up His people. But honestly you won’t see this made mention of because the enemy knows his time is up.

The enemy wants us to fear about end days, worrying about persecution, but God spoke in the end days God would be our God and I would be with them, and I would heal them and they shall be my People, and I will be their GOD. and I will wipe away their pain and there will be no more pain for the LORD will be the one who took it from them. and there will be no remembrance of their sin because God would wipe it away and give us new names, and a new life and we would be blessed and exalted here in earth AND THIS IS PROPHECY my friends that all had to come to pass before the end could come and that is truth.

Either way just think it is amazing I been writing for God for a least a decade and I know what was being spoke then and I know now what is being spoken now and they say people don’t want truth. What a lie! because so many have found Jesus in the last few years THAT IS WONDERFUL! Amazing how GOD is Keeper of GOD’s Words even if people don”t know the WORD or the hour GOD still honor’s GOD’s Words!!! THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!

It is written in the end days there will be no more teachers for GOD will be our GOD and GOD would be with them my friends and if you take a look around it truly seems this prophecy is being filled!! PRAISE GOD! Dear LORD thank you so much for answering my prayers! Now please let it be where instead of testifying we get to the point where we just worship, praise, honor, and obey in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many of us return to church and stop judging if the pastors do wrong PRAY FOR THEM!  Get to a bible preaching church and be a DOER. and by so, may you see a mighty work of GOD in Jesus name Amen! God restore churches for what they were intended for in Jesus name Amen!

The people do not understand if revival comes the end will not and that is truth beloveds!  God has always given us the choice. Repent or not. Listen or disobey and when people no longer want GOD into their masters they will be given and the end will come! Judgement comes by men’s hands when they chose their sin over God. I pray many find wisdom in this message. have a blessed day dear people!

Isaiah 42:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.