The Power of Words

To someone who who is watching I am Michelle. I am not a church. But honestly because of my speech and thoughts I have been labeled almost all church labels under the sun. I am not a religion. I do believe in my bible. I believe in the POWER of the WORD in the Holy Bible!

Words can break people. they can build them up, they can destroy them. God’s Words are so POWERFUL a whole nation and earth and even the universe was all spoken into existence. And man can not understand God’s Words so they made a big bang theory and truth be told that is about one of the best things science ever did. FINALLY YOU SPEAK TRUTH! Fr God spoke and BAMM it happened! and that is the POWER OF THE GOD I SERVE! We never see God but man when GOD speak mountains move. The earth trembles. Things bow before GOD. they are transformed and made and created! WHAT OTHER GOD CAN DO THIS? Just create things with speech?

I know no other god. Jesus spoke follow my Words. for the Words of Jesus set us free. they bring us back to remembrance of Almighty GOD our Maker my friends who was and is Jesus in the flesh and that is truth friends! men can argue names. they can have debates. then can argue seasons and times and all things GOD created so it is a truth when I say it is not right to sit and fight about things we could not understand. For GOD spoke and by GOD’s Words all things that are came to be and all things GOD spoke are, my friends and always will be. you can not move what created us. GOD is not an image!

I pray many get past the human imagination which by nature is mostly wicked that is why GOD’s left us Commands my friends. FOR LIFE unto all who sought after it. as it was in Genesis as it is still until this day. I pray many of us to not fight with our Maker but instead sit in the Word and may many come to understanding of the fullness of GOD my friends. please for the love of GOD. read your bible whole. read it often. for it is truth when I say there is no other thing on (in) planet earth that is able to move people as Jesus my friends! why do many war over Jesus? because as the same people war when they do not know GOD.

Look in the Bible. Look past religion. Read Genesis Chapter 1 verse one and understand Jesus is God my friends. Call Jesus the Son if you have to, but I pray we all find our Father who is our Maker and understand Jesus came in God’s love that is so great hardly any on earth comprehend it my friends and this is truth beloveds. have a blessed wonderful day. Written for Spiritual growth. the truth does set us free! shalom dear people!

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