Loyalty- My help comes from

Jesus had many followers, but how many were in His circle? and even then was one a devil?  As a person who has been writing and speaking God for awhile now. I truly confess I loved my season when I had small numbers. I could speak to people. I could chat. We sat and prayed it was beautiful. Then I got up to thousands of followers. and that was so time consuming. No more one on one time. Just speak to the crowd and leave. No personal relationship, just preaching the Gospel praying God lead them to Jesus.

I like being alone. I noticed in my life many people have words they will say to your face, they will flatter you, give you compliments. Say they are your bff (best friend forever)and these are the ones that talk about you behind your back. They hate you and yet, they sit and smile in your face. That has never sat that well with my soul. Who wants fake friends? Not I!! I mean maybe some people do but honestly I always wanted friends that would stick with me. Loyal friends because I am loyal.

A million birds stick to one flock but it is one bird that leads the flock. I don’t want millions of birds following me. Not certain I want to lead the flock either but I will drift away from the crowd and those who follow me are the ones I know love me.  That is so amazing because that is what Jesus did. the ones who loved Jesus said Lord where would we go? Jesus said will you leave me now?

I love people, but I don’t trust people. I like Jesus knows what is in them. it is sad when one trust the invisible God who many say is made up, but can not trust people you can see, touch and feel.. I have found this invisible God is the most faithful friend in planet earth. God has never left me, never abandoned me. But people….well not even sure I can number how many people left me.

I have no faith in people. My faith is in God. I have no trust in people. My trust is in God, and the last decade I have been sent into the wolves and the lion’s den and honestly social media is one of the worst places. I keep my crowd small. My numbers may get huge but the people I allow in my life will always be few and numbered. That is truth and honestly I pray it be wisdom to somebody watching. for out of a million followers how many are truly loyal my friends? please consider such things. This was just written to think.

What is important to you? Instead of millions of people following me I would rather have one loyal person. Maybe two If I can count to five I would consider myself highly blessed and favored! Psalms 121. My help comes from Jesus who has spoke and is true and faithful I will never leave you I will never forsake you. God help me be loyal to you as you have been the only one always loyal to me God and i thank you for it!  God bless my loyal friends even though you were few and scattered I love you and sure do appreciate you!  Have a blessed day dear people!

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