Facts about Jesus

I pray this video help someone grow in God.  One thing I forgot to add. Jesus is NOT AN IMAGE. not one single image on earth of Jesus is Jesus AND THAT IS TRUTH! truth is there was no camera on earth when Jesus walked. Another fact is skin color does not matter. GOD sees the heart! and that is truth beloveds!  I pray these facts help the listener grow in GOD! Shalom dear people! Created in the utmost love for people! ❤ Also on a different level I truly pray people stop bowing down to those images. God sees the hearts and no image is needed to worship GOD. GOD is spirit and invisible the same GOD, GOD has been GOD says, I AM!  let these truths bless you! There is a rumor that image of Jesus that most bow to was the homosexual lover of a wicked king. I do not know this is true but I truly pray people go look it up, also I do believe it is true. and if you know the truth do you continue to bow down to the lie? I know I don't but hey to each their own! Open our eyes oh God and use it for your glory!


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