Getting up

Life has ways of knocking us down and when you get knocked down, get back up and repeat process no matter how many times you fall. But man after so many falls people get tired. I can’t get back up. I had mad pride. I said to , Myself I could do it, and I did and I was good at it.

Being in first place has it’s glory but at the same time always someone who wants to be better then you, and even if you beat them, one day a younger generation will come and from day one their goal will be to beat yours, and one day you will not be first anymore. it goes to a new person.

So what happens when you’re down? Well when I was denying God. Running from people who tried preaching the bible at me. I listened to self help. I watched motivation speakers. I tried doing all things things and I never was able to get back up. I was tired. I had a life not a lot of people have had on earth. I know this because I have spoken to many. And I don’t even speak a tenth of my life and most people say ohhh girl don’t tell me anymore.

I agree I don’t want to talk about the past.  That is not who I am today. But I hit a breaking point. I had no where to go. I truly do believe I had a mental break down. Which when I think about it, surprised I went as long as I did without having one sooner.  Men go to war and they after only but maybe 3 years are ruined mentally permanently. and honestly although I was not in war I do know I had so much tragedy happen to me.

Again not a lot had the life I did, and honestly it is not a competition; If you had a hard life I am praying for you. If you have a testimony speak it, but truly I am not in a race with anyone my friends. In fact I don’t even speak to be anything. I speak praying God send a former me to my page. I wish I had a woman like me when I was younger. I speak to everyone what I wish people would of told me. I asked so many grown up things and sometimes they answered and sometimes they didn’t

I found in my life the ones who gave advice for me to live, were the ones who really loved me.  Even if it was things I did not want to hear at the time. When I was down in my life at the lowest. When so many terrible things happened only God was there, and before I used to cry about being alone, and now I thank God for it. For it is those tears I shed that brought me to seeing God my friends.

I would not be speaking God so much if I did not believe so much. trust me, when I wasn’t a believe I was speaking anything but God. I spoke about drugs. I spoke about sex. I spoke about the things the world was doing. and I thought it was fun. I thought these things were happiness. then why am I alone crying I said?

I am glad God intervened in my suicide attempt for so many lovely memories I have had since. Sure I had other bad times but I had so many good things come, I can not be sad about the hard times. i don’t even really remember them. I remember seeing God. and I thank God for that.  I think if people got to see God. they would taking a beating for God 1000 times over. they would sell their houses, their possessions and they would say anything God!!! I give it up for you!!! if they really knew the love of God.

I tell you I only spoke about my life to say I would of did it all a hundreds over and worst. if I knew what I knew now and God spoke to me. Hey you are going to have to take a million beatings for me, So much bad things will come or you can take this easy path that leads to hell. or you can take that beating to see me. I would bend over, hand God the belt and say God 1 million give me, and can I have one more just so I never forget HOW GOOD YOUR LOVE IS!

I know this sounds sick but that is the reality of the life I lived. I was beaten so many ways, so many times and all of it brought me to God! ❤ man Indeed you turned my wailing into dancing! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD I SERVE!

Dear people if you are down, if you are broken. Call out to God for only God can quiet the storms. and Jesus said wind be still!  I pray many rest with Jesus my friends BECAUSE HARD TIMES MAKES YOU A BELIEVER!  Well for those who call on God anyways. I just think that IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! My GOD is so WONDERFUL! ❤ Might want to watch part two of that suicide attempt if you watch one. You can find it by searching for it in the search bar.

A million times you get knocked down get back up. make it a million and 1. and when you get tired of that say God I need some help give me strength. or sit and rest with God. that is a delight!

Also to any who are seriously suicidal. I pray God lead you to a church, to a pastor, to a hospital, to the 1800 suicide number. To the bible. to prayer in the closet. anything so you can live friend and I pray you get to live and make a million and 1 new memories in Jesus name Amen!  life can change.  if you don’t like life sit down with a pen and paper and make a list. Get some help, get some counseling. Life is worth living you probably just going to have to change the direction you are heading in friends. I truly pray if any broken are lead to see this may God just give you a full body healing, mind, body, soul and spirit in Jesus name Amen!

The problem with most of my life is I was chasing fantasy looking for T.V. in reality and honestly that was a majority of my problems. I do mean looking for love in three days. searching for the perfect family. waiting for my dream guy to save me. i was going to get a million dollars from a stranger type thing. The fairy tale t.v. world perfect life romance, Cinderella stories rarely exist in real life, and if we spend all our life looking for never land we will wake up old and say what happened?  Just words to consider! Shalom dear people!


Out of the normal.

I am going to do something out of the normal. Only because I thought this was right on time to the things I wrote. I am going to share something and I want to say from the get go. I do not know who this man is. and someone shared this picture  with this quote;

“This is profound! Bearing in mind this, namely that Osho does not believe in God, and yet [as a theist] i did not reject his quote, not only because i can see the value and truth entailed in his quote, but because the value of truth is more important than who said it and what he or she believes.”

As I went to read the comments I saw this written, “you do know the scandal this man was involve in ? yeah?”

So I am going to paste my reply and share the image but again, I don’t know who this man is, but I also appreciate the words written on the picture as did the original poster. and this was my response. Thought it was appropriate since I wrote about, The Power of Words. But first lets share the picture I speak of.


This was written in response to this. Again I do not know who this man is but I do appreciate the saying also.

My response, People don’t understand God can use a donkey if need be and whether good or bad all things leave an example. And sometimes even murders speak words that bring us life. look at Paul how many did this murder’s words save? I just think that is the power of God!! I wonder how many sat and gossiped and talked about Paul and all the things Paul did. I just think it amazing how God can use any. Just because God uses us doesn’t mean we are God’s though. I do not want to thank God for evil but even evil teaches us what we ought not do. God gave us a mind to make sound decisions. Well to those of us who know God anyways, but even then some who know God may stumble or fall, but honestly I am not a judge and I don’t know the deeds of this man, and I praise not the person, but this quote is beautiful!!! and that i do know! I am always offended when men buy me roses, especially when they say this is a token of my love. Great i think,You know these roses will die in like three days? better to have bought me socks or something that last longer. I know many woman do not think as me but a plucked rose is just dead. and if you spent money on a dozen. Should buy a bush at least then you can see it each season. Anyways just how I think! have a blessed day!”

I imagine this man’s deeds (speaking of the guy in picture) must of been bad, so before anyone tries and twist me into something I am not. I am going to just add this in. God calls us out of sin. Not into it my friends. That is what I consider sound mind doctrine. One more time for clarity I am not a follower of that man’s words for I don’t know them. I do like the words written on the picture and I am a follower of God’s Words and God’s wisdom. Just thought I would put that out there, before someone tries to come and pervert my words. let the scriptures speak. Have a blessed day dear people!

Matthew 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

The Power of Words

To someone who who is watching I am Michelle. I am not a church. But honestly because of my speech and thoughts I have been labeled almost all church labels under the sun. I am not a religion. I do believe in my bible. I believe in the POWER of the WORD in the Holy Bible!

Words can break people. they can build them up, they can destroy them. God’s Words are so POWERFUL a whole nation and earth and even the universe was all spoken into existence. And man can not understand God’s Words so they made a big bang theory and truth be told that is about one of the best things science ever did. FINALLY YOU SPEAK TRUTH! Fr God spoke and BAMM it happened! and that is the POWER OF THE GOD I SERVE! We never see God but man when GOD speak mountains move. The earth trembles. Things bow before GOD. they are transformed and made and created! WHAT OTHER GOD CAN DO THIS? Just create things with speech?

I know no other god. Jesus spoke follow my Words. for the Words of Jesus set us free. they bring us back to remembrance of Almighty GOD our Maker my friends who was and is Jesus in the flesh and that is truth friends! men can argue names. they can have debates. then can argue seasons and times and all things GOD created so it is a truth when I say it is not right to sit and fight about things we could not understand. For GOD spoke and by GOD’s Words all things that are came to be and all things GOD spoke are, my friends and always will be. you can not move what created us. GOD is not an image!

I pray many get past the human imagination which by nature is mostly wicked that is why GOD’s left us Commands my friends. FOR LIFE unto all who sought after it. as it was in Genesis as it is still until this day. I pray many of us to not fight with our Maker but instead sit in the Word and may many come to understanding of the fullness of GOD my friends. please for the love of GOD. read your bible whole. read it often. for it is truth when I say there is no other thing on (in) planet earth that is able to move people as Jesus my friends! why do many war over Jesus? because as the same people war when they do not know GOD.

Look in the Bible. Look past religion. Read Genesis Chapter 1 verse one and understand Jesus is God my friends. Call Jesus the Son if you have to, but I pray we all find our Father who is our Maker and understand Jesus came in God’s love that is so great hardly any on earth comprehend it my friends and this is truth beloveds. have a blessed wonderful day. Written for Spiritual growth. the truth does set us free! shalom dear people!

Facts about Jesus

I pray this video help someone grow in God.  One thing I forgot to add. Jesus is NOT AN IMAGE. not one single image on earth of Jesus is Jesus AND THAT IS TRUTH! truth is there was no camera on earth when Jesus walked. Another fact is skin color does not matter. GOD sees the heart! and that is truth beloveds!  I pray these facts help the listener grow in GOD! Shalom dear people! Created in the utmost love for people! ❤ Also on a different level I truly pray people stop bowing down to those images. God sees the hearts and no image is needed to worship GOD. GOD is spirit and invisible the same GOD, GOD has been GOD says, I AM!  let these truths bless you! There is a rumor that image of Jesus that most bow to was the homosexual lover of a wicked king. I do not know this is true but I truly pray people go look it up, also I do believe it is true. and if you know the truth do you continue to bow down to the lie? I know I don't but hey to each their own! Open our eyes oh God and use it for your glory!


Loyalty- My help comes from

Jesus had many followers, but how many were in His circle? and even then was one a devil?  As a person who has been writing and speaking God for awhile now. I truly confess I loved my season when I had small numbers. I could speak to people. I could chat. We sat and prayed it was beautiful. Then I got up to thousands of followers. and that was so time consuming. No more one on one time. Just speak to the crowd and leave. No personal relationship, just preaching the Gospel praying God lead them to Jesus.

I like being alone. I noticed in my life many people have words they will say to your face, they will flatter you, give you compliments. Say they are your bff (best friend forever)and these are the ones that talk about you behind your back. They hate you and yet, they sit and smile in your face. That has never sat that well with my soul. Who wants fake friends? Not I!! I mean maybe some people do but honestly I always wanted friends that would stick with me. Loyal friends because I am loyal.

A million birds stick to one flock but it is one bird that leads the flock. I don’t want millions of birds following me. Not certain I want to lead the flock either but I will drift away from the crowd and those who follow me are the ones I know love me.  That is so amazing because that is what Jesus did. the ones who loved Jesus said Lord where would we go? Jesus said will you leave me now?

I love people, but I don’t trust people. I like Jesus knows what is in them. it is sad when one trust the invisible God who many say is made up, but can not trust people you can see, touch and feel.. I have found this invisible God is the most faithful friend in planet earth. God has never left me, never abandoned me. But people….well not even sure I can number how many people left me.

I have no faith in people. My faith is in God. I have no trust in people. My trust is in God, and the last decade I have been sent into the wolves and the lion’s den and honestly social media is one of the worst places. I keep my crowd small. My numbers may get huge but the people I allow in my life will always be few and numbered. That is truth and honestly I pray it be wisdom to somebody watching. for out of a million followers how many are truly loyal my friends? please consider such things. This was just written to think.

What is important to you? Instead of millions of people following me I would rather have one loyal person. Maybe two If I can count to five I would consider myself highly blessed and favored! Psalms 121. My help comes from Jesus who has spoke and is true and faithful I will never leave you I will never forsake you. God help me be loyal to you as you have been the only one always loyal to me God and i thank you for it!  God bless my loyal friends even though you were few and scattered I love you and sure do appreciate you!  Have a blessed day dear people!

Love is

Reblog, In a love mood. This is what love is to me. Not the love most are professing with their lips. I truthfully want nothing to do with the love the world has to offer today, and that is truth. Not even sure if I believe in love anymore, not as the world defines it anyways. I only know God’s love. it is the only real love to me. and honestly it is more then enough for me! ❤

Love is beyond saying kind words. Love is beyond a feeling in between your legs. love is knowing the person will be there. Will you stand by my side when I get sick? Will you leave me when my body parts sag? will you cheat on me if my parts don’t function? the parts that are use to create passion? If they don’t function, if it stops working will you still love me my friends? for this is what love is. love does not quit because looks fade. because people get sick.

Love sticks. it battles for you, it fights with you. (on your behalf) I don’t mean against you my friend. I mean if I get sick, real love does not flee. real love stays. part of love is honor, and part of love is correction. Love is saying the words people don’t want to hear. love is shouting out danger. love is wanting the best for you. love does not lie. Love speaks truth. Love does not abandon my friends.

Many do not know what love is in this hour. and many have different interpretations of love. this is why I choose to love myself, because I have found none who love as I do. not to say it does not exist it has just never crossed my path and if it ever does I am going to keep it forever friends. Real love does not settle. Real love knows the worth of love. Real love does not get walked all over and get trampled on by those who say they are friends. if so I know not that love and please God let me stay far far away from those who do love that way in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many find the deeper meaning of love and avoid lust and flee from it my friends. I also pray there be a generation born with eyes to see the difference, between the two and may many find love and stay committed, as love does my friends! it is truly better to be alone then have someone who says they love you, leave you, in your hour of sorrow, your hour of need, your hour of comfort. and fake love leaves. Real love commits and too many committing to those who are not loving. it truly is time to stop playing husband and wife to a generation of vipers. marriage was until death and  if people actually grew old together you would thank God for the marriage and you would comprehend why God said these things to be. marriage was about being humble, without humble no marriage will last. Humble is of God my friends. I pray many receive understanding from God and that we find people who love as God loves us..

In my life I never knew what love was until I found God’s love my friend, and now I do know real love. I choose being alone with God, then with today’s society’s standards of this social fake love, the world has been conditioned for. I pray God lead many to wisdom and truth on the matter and God restore marriages to a great multitude of people in Jesus name Amen! Without real love, marriages will die, they will wither and fade and just fall unfruitful. Real words to consider. Shalom dear people! Written in way more love then most people even comprehend and that is truth friends!

Hoping to finish soon

I did a video on the meaning of this picture. I really added to it. I did not to get to finish it yet but am in the process of doing so. Just thought I would do an update. Tree of life- Deep Revelation-Advance Bible Lesson is the video I mentioned this in. Been doing so many other things sat down the last few nights and accomplished a little more!  I don’t think I am an artist but hey you should see my stick people! They rock! 😀

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