Examine your life

This letter is written to any who will hear it. it applies to me too, so I pray nobody take it personal but at the same time I pray we all consider it personally.  Where are you going in life? What are you currently doing? Are you happy where you are in life now my friends?  Do you like what you are doing? How is your circle you are hanging in?

Are we getting things accomplished?  Are we going anywhere? Do you have any plans? Are we surrounded by people we hate? Are we planning ahead? I pray many people look at the things they are doing. The results of our labor. What is important to people?

The older I get, I find I enjoy many things money can not buy. Loyalty is priceless and sure you can buy loyalty, but what happens when the money runs out? There are hardly any that are loyal for dollars that stick around when the dollars are gone.

What do we value? Do we value likes? Do we value friendships? Do we value anything of value my friends? Do people know sometimes the most priceless things are the things money can’t buy? A kind word indeed goes a far way. But what of a nice word with bad intentions, is that valued the same my friends? A true word that hurts, is that a kind word? is a true friend someone that may say a word we don’t want to hear?

Is a true word always friendly? can it sting? can it bruise egos? Can it hurt pride? What if a true word spoken saves your life? is it still received the same way? Do we value it my friends? Do we consider? Do we think? What are the repercussions in the things we are doing?

So if one does something to another, and you do it back to them, how long does it go on? Does the other person try and get you back? and then what?  What is the best way to get out of a circle? Do you continue to go down the same pattern? Do we walk a straight line? Do we go back? What happens if we never move at all?  Can we get anywhere?


God bless everyone.  I pray all of us examine our lives. Look at the things we are doing. Bad seeds produce bad things, and rotten things don’t grow. The bible talks about producing fruit and also something about the Word is a seed. I pray many go read it. Truly one looking can find it.  Food for thought and growth! Shalom dear people!


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