Daily Devotionals.

Daily devotionals is a great way to get closer to God. I am writing my own daily devotionals. I am considering sharing them with the public. Not sure if I will or not. but I am making my own, So many daily devotionals that are , in the world right now. I confess I have read the bible so many times now. It sometimes is hard for me to get something new out of just reading it.  And I do not always have time to sit and study. I have several devotionals I own and they have helped me in life.

Keeping the Word in you is good. daily devotionals are designed to get the word in you daily. I think they are great for beginning or even people who know God well. Good to just keep it in you daily. Also church can help through the week, so does bible study. I say get to a bible preaching church. it truly does help you stay on the right path. it sure has been a great help to me! Just speaking this for any it may help. helps to sit with others with the same mind set.

I pray many of us grow in God. Love you guys! have a blessed day.  The libraries have daily devotionals you can check out. They have aps that will deliver scripture everyday.  The dollar tree where I live has daily devotionals. This might not be the case all over but many love God in the town I live in, so not sure if that is just because of the area I live in. may be worth checking into anyways. after all everything at dollar tree is a dollar! 😀

Can always check out the daily bread devotionals too. Just some suggestions I am throwing out there.  I pray it be a help to any. have a good night dear people! ❤

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