Sex Alert

I am sharing this video because I think tomorrow and maybe the next few days I will go into some of my series I do every so often. I believe God created man and woman for each other. I believe we are broken because we disobey God. I once did a video that was all over the place and that was a few months ago.  I pray I can put another out there better worded then the first. But beyond porn, I really pray God bring us back to marriages. So many different speeches I can give about sex, about porn, about children being molested. babies being raped. and not hardly want to talk about it and that is sad because it happens to wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more then many think.  So for the next few days I am going to dedicate my page to sex education, to modest dressing why we should, to teaching your kids some things about predators. and honestly not all parents know these things and I pray God lead a generation that will listen.

I believe with my whole heart God tells us not to sin for LIFE to us and I said a few weeks back I was going to speak of sin and the repercussions and for the next few days we are going to discuss such things. But sorry it will not all be about sex, but I am going to speak about the things most churches won’t touch and I pray it bless people and help us make better choices because honestly everyone just walking around doing what we want isn’t working out for us that well. The evidence is all around us in the world.

If any have time to watch this. it was 52 minutes long, and truthfully I think it is one of the best things I have watched for awhile now. I salute this woman. Also for those who thinking watching porn is innocent. It really isn’t and I pray some people consider our actions.  I truly pray this video kills lust and help many of us just consider some of our actions. Oh God puts all these laws on us they say. Man thank GOD FOR THAT! Thank God for loving us! God knew Adam and Eve.

God knew that it was good for one man and woman to be together as God created such things. God did know the best for people. Only the people knew not God. and honestly Poor Rachael and Leah always fighting over Jacob’s attention. I myself believe it was God’s designs and intention for one man and one woman to be together UNTIL DEATH DO THEY PART!  Only men changed God when they follow their heart. Those are my beliefs. I will speak more on such things tomorrow to any who want to listen! God help many of us overcome sexual addictions and let us flee sexual immorality, and fornication.

from broken families, to broken people, to broken thinking we broke God’s covenant and wonder why we are broken. I am going to speak truth and wisdom on this topic. Coming tomorrow and the next few days. Shalom dear people!

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