Sample Work jewelry

I am not really a jewelry wearer. I do not care much for gold or silver. I prefer silver honestly and I don’t wear either. I gave both up a long time ago for God.  I wear many skirts and honestly I was feeling a little naked, and so I started making jewelry to wear with my outfits. Making them to match of course! 😀 but then all my friends and family wanted some. So now I sell jewelry on the side. I am not a big creator of such things, but I do make some to sell occasionally.

I love letting the Word of God play out loud as I make this jewelry and many times I am praying as I make them. I gave them to my friends and family and many of them have spoke to me good things came as soon as they wore my piece. They said it was like their good luck charm. I don’t really believe in good luck charms. But I was praying a lot as I created these pieces. My friends and family did not know I prayed as I created these pieces, So I spoke to them I did, and they said I can tell. I was like ok then, trying to brush it off. Then they said, No seriously I have had nothing but good luck since I wore this. I kind of laughed at them.  I don’t believe in good luck charms. But then I said who knows maybe it was the prayers I said as I created the pieces, the prayers traveled with them.  Pretty much everyone I gave the jewelry said that to me. I thought it was odd.

As I was praying and making those jewelry my prayers were not aimed at any person just praying like I always do and just think that is odd that they all say they are their good luck charm. Kind of makes me laugh. But God does know what I prayed as I made that jewelry. So that makes me smile. God works in wondrous ways sometimes. I do believe that!

The pay is not really worth the time it takes me to make them, and people do not really want to pay for the labor you put into things, so I will not be selling much jewelry but you may see an occasional piece on my page. for I am opening a shop soon. Either way these are the only ones I remembered to take pictures of. I never saw myself as doing this for very long so I did not capture many of the things I created but I am putting this out there as just a sample of my work.



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