Monsters are real

So I did a video, which I will share, but it was a bad video honestly. I had a few emotions, I was lead to some random video which is so odd, because honestly I am always suggested usually bible scriptures or messages about God, as I spoke about it in this video. Again that video was not that good. i just made reference to it because honestly the night before I made that, youtube suggested me this video. and it made me mad.

People say God loves us all and NO GOD DOES NOT LOVE ALL! For not everyone in this world is God’s There are monsters. and many monsters are being given power to grow because nobody talks about it. churches hardly even speak on sin any more, and everyone else keeps topics like this in the closet. We don’t want to speak on it. As I said in the video I made I think we need to speak to our kids. A little more knowledge being spoken COULD NOT HURT! And again the next few days I will really be going into great details about the results of sin and this is the time where people can leave, because most the time people don’t want to hear these things. We want to be encouraged. we want to act like these things don’t exist. and when you speak truth they vanish. and honestly I don’t mind.

Say a kind word,  and honestly this is why I can’t be like everyone else. So many want to pretend this stuff does not exist and that is why it is being able to grow rapidly because nobody is approaching it. Let’s all just close our eyes and act like it doesn’t happen. I may not be able to stop monsters but God give me strength to be bold and call these monsters out in Jesus name Amen!

Monsters exist in the world and so many put their babies in bikini’s, flaunt them, paint them with make up and share it for the whole world. People THERE ARE MONSTERS IN THE WORLD! Consider such things!

One thought on “Monsters are real

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    Resharing this. As honestly, I don’t think it is something people should keep secret. It is all fun and games until it your child. or even you. Many things go on nobody wants to talk about. I pray God help us parents teach our kids. Help us be the ones to protect our kids. We all want to protect our kids from abortions but how many will be a voice for the living children? How many hungry children are there now? Are we just going to keep acting like bad things don’t happen? My friends, I tell you there is monsters in this world. and most who are molesters are not going to repent. There is a reason they are allowed to be monsters. I am not God and honestly, I don’t think somethings are rewarded. But again I am not God so I pray many think about such things and perhaps teach our children, and if this is why facebook shut down my video, then I guess I would rather be shut down then be keeping silent, because a world full of people who will protect monsters is just truly no place I want to be. Come Lord and come quickly! Fill us with your Holy Spirit, Fill us with wisdom. Fill us with a sound mind, with clear understanding, help us be the voice for the dead. How many children this year just disappeared? How many flaunt their babies naked? I mean not offend any but as a person who was raped and molested, I will not let it happen to others if I can prevent it and I pray to God for protection because if nobody else in planet earth is going to speak God be with me as I speak it boldly. I am not ashamed of speaking truth I am ashamed if I stay silent.


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