Judging sin

So God sees the things people do not. I see so many who are saying who is going to hell and who is not, sin is punished and hell is real. But I want to know to those who are called to judge according to them. Would they be quick to cast judgement if they knew a person was raped, molested, abused and beaten and their sin was a result of sin others did to them? Would you have compassion on them or condemn them to hell?

God knows the things the churches do not know. if you were wronged as a kid or even now, for you and you alone YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE!  it is first part of the healing process. There is no condemnation in Jesus my friends. I pray if there be any that come to my page and this is written to you, understand God does not think as people think.  God sees and seen all things that was done to you in the past. God wants you to live. In order to live you have to let the past go. Lean on Jesus.

Jesus will not judge you. I had a hard past and nobody on earth saw what happened to me but God did and God went after me, I pray for you friend I am sorry for what happened to you, but as a person who lived through many things others did to me . I pray for you daily. I pray for your constantly, in fact it is broken people like you why I do what I do. it is why I stand alone. I could sit in a crowd like everyone else, and exalt scriptures back and forth but truth be told, my heart is for the broken. My heart is for the drug dealers, my heart is to the gang members. My heart is to the people raped, the people molested. the outcast and rejected, the criminals and the addicts. I am you my friends or I am who you are now in my past.

God changed me and honestly I believe if God can change me I know there is hope for you. it is going to be hard, lean on Jesus!  You’re going to need all the strength you can get and only Jesus can give it to you friends. Either way I feel someone out there is watching and you been going through some things. I love you. It is ok to cry. God sees them tears, they are not in vain and it is going to take time but if you just trust God, God will clean you up faster then you could ever imagine and that is truth. I say cry all night let the Lord know you are hurting and tomorrow when you wake you will feel a million times better. God will restore you my friend.

Not sure who this is for but I believe in my heart someone out there needs to see this. have a blessed night! Jesus loves you more then you can imagine!

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