Judging sin

So God sees the things people do not. I see so many who are saying who is going to hell and who is not, sin is punished and hell is real. But I want to know to those who are called to judge according to them. Would they be quick to cast judgement if they knew a person was raped, molested, abused and beaten and their sin was a result of sin others did to them? Would you have compassion on them or condemn them to hell?

God knows the things the churches do not know. if you were wronged as a kid or even now, for you and you alone YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE!  it is first part of the healing process. There is no condemnation in Jesus my friends. I pray if there be any that come to my page and this is written to you, understand God does not think as people think.  God sees and seen all things that was done to you in the past. God wants you to live. In order to live you have to let the past go. Lean on Jesus.

Jesus will not judge you. I had a hard past and nobody on earth saw what happened to me but God did and God went after me, I pray for you friend I am sorry for what happened to you, but as a person who lived through many things others did to me . I pray for you daily. I pray for your constantly, in fact it is broken people like you why I do what I do. it is why I stand alone. I could sit in a crowd like everyone else, and exalt scriptures back and forth but truth be told, my heart is for the broken. My heart is for the drug dealers, my heart is to the gang members. My heart is to the people raped, the people molested. the outcast and rejected, the criminals and the addicts. I am you my friends or I am who you are now in my past.

God changed me and honestly I believe if God can change me I know there is hope for you. it is going to be hard, lean on Jesus!  You’re going to need all the strength you can get and only Jesus can give it to you friends. Either way I feel someone out there is watching and you been going through some things. I love you. It is ok to cry. God sees them tears, they are not in vain and it is going to take time but if you just trust God, God will clean you up faster then you could ever imagine and that is truth. I say cry all night let the Lord know you are hurting and tomorrow when you wake you will feel a million times better. God will restore you my friend.

Not sure who this is for but I believe in my heart someone out there needs to see this. have a blessed night! Jesus loves you more then you can imagine!

Monsters are real

So I did a video, which I will share, but it was a bad video honestly. I had a few emotions, I was lead to some random video which is so odd, because honestly I am always suggested usually bible scriptures or messages about God, as I spoke about it in this video. Again that video was not that good. i just made reference to it because honestly the night before I made that, youtube suggested me this video. and it made me mad.

People say God loves us all and NO GOD DOES NOT LOVE ALL! For not everyone in this world is God’s There are monsters. and many monsters are being given power to grow because nobody talks about it. churches hardly even speak on sin any more, and everyone else keeps topics like this in the closet. We don’t want to speak on it. As I said in the video I made I think we need to speak to our kids. A little more knowledge being spoken COULD NOT HURT! And again the next few days I will really be going into great details about the results of sin and this is the time where people can leave, because most the time people don’t want to hear these things. We want to be encouraged. we want to act like these things don’t exist. and when you speak truth they vanish. and honestly I don’t mind.

Say a kind word,  and honestly this is why I can’t be like everyone else. So many want to pretend this stuff does not exist and that is why it is being able to grow rapidly because nobody is approaching it. Let’s all just close our eyes and act like it doesn’t happen. I may not be able to stop monsters but God give me strength to be bold and call these monsters out in Jesus name Amen!

Monsters exist in the world and so many put their babies in bikini’s, flaunt them, paint them with make up and share it for the whole world. People THERE ARE MONSTERS IN THE WORLD! Consider such things!

Sex Alert

I am sharing this video because I think tomorrow and maybe the next few days I will go into some of my series I do every so often. I believe God created man and woman for each other. I believe we are broken because we disobey God. I once did a video that was all over the place and that was a few months ago.  I pray I can put another out there better worded then the first. But beyond porn, I really pray God bring us back to marriages. So many different speeches I can give about sex, about porn, about children being molested. babies being raped. and not hardly want to talk about it and that is sad because it happens to wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more then many think.  So for the next few days I am going to dedicate my page to sex education, to modest dressing why we should, to teaching your kids some things about predators. and honestly not all parents know these things and I pray God lead a generation that will listen.

I believe with my whole heart God tells us not to sin for LIFE to us and I said a few weeks back I was going to speak of sin and the repercussions and for the next few days we are going to discuss such things. But sorry it will not all be about sex, but I am going to speak about the things most churches won’t touch and I pray it bless people and help us make better choices because honestly everyone just walking around doing what we want isn’t working out for us that well. The evidence is all around us in the world.

If any have time to watch this. it was 52 minutes long, and truthfully I think it is one of the best things I have watched for awhile now. I salute this woman. Also for those who thinking watching porn is innocent. It really isn’t and I pray some people consider our actions.  I truly pray this video kills lust and help many of us just consider some of our actions. Oh God puts all these laws on us they say. Man thank GOD FOR THAT! Thank God for loving us! God knew Adam and Eve.

God knew that it was good for one man and woman to be together as God created such things. God did know the best for people. Only the people knew not God. and honestly Poor Rachael and Leah always fighting over Jacob’s attention. I myself believe it was God’s designs and intention for one man and one woman to be together UNTIL DEATH DO THEY PART!  Only men changed God when they follow their heart. Those are my beliefs. I will speak more on such things tomorrow to any who want to listen! God help many of us overcome sexual addictions and let us flee sexual immorality, and fornication.

from broken families, to broken people, to broken thinking we broke God’s covenant and wonder why we are broken. I am going to speak truth and wisdom on this topic. Coming tomorrow and the next few days. Shalom dear people!

Sample Work jewelry

I am not really a jewelry wearer. I do not care much for gold or silver. I prefer silver honestly and I don’t wear either. I gave both up a long time ago for God.  I wear many skirts and honestly I was feeling a little naked, and so I started making jewelry to wear with my outfits. Making them to match of course! 😀 but then all my friends and family wanted some. So now I sell jewelry on the side. I am not a big creator of such things, but I do make some to sell occasionally.

I love letting the Word of God play out loud as I make this jewelry and many times I am praying as I make them. I gave them to my friends and family and many of them have spoke to me good things came as soon as they wore my piece. They said it was like their good luck charm. I don’t really believe in good luck charms. But I was praying a lot as I created these pieces. My friends and family did not know I prayed as I created these pieces, So I spoke to them I did, and they said I can tell. I was like ok then, trying to brush it off. Then they said, No seriously I have had nothing but good luck since I wore this. I kind of laughed at them.  I don’t believe in good luck charms. But then I said who knows maybe it was the prayers I said as I created the pieces, the prayers traveled with them.  Pretty much everyone I gave the jewelry said that to me. I thought it was odd.

As I was praying and making those jewelry my prayers were not aimed at any person just praying like I always do and just think that is odd that they all say they are their good luck charm. Kind of makes me laugh. But God does know what I prayed as I made that jewelry. So that makes me smile. God works in wondrous ways sometimes. I do believe that!

The pay is not really worth the time it takes me to make them, and people do not really want to pay for the labor you put into things, so I will not be selling much jewelry but you may see an occasional piece on my page. for I am opening a shop soon. Either way these are the only ones I remembered to take pictures of. I never saw myself as doing this for very long so I did not capture many of the things I created but I am putting this out there as just a sample of my work.



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My Rainbow!

This is my own personal rainbow!  Or that’s what I believe anyways. I was praying, I was deep in the spirit,  I was overwhelmed and I started crying.  So in order to be safe I pulled over, since I was driving. As I did I really just started praying more, really talking to God and then I heard God’s Voice reassuring me, and as soon as I opened my eyes this rainbow was there. There was no rain or sign of rain, and this beauty was in the sky. I truly believe God hand delivered this rainbow for (to) me!  To comfort my weary mind.  It was and is a blessing and I am so thankful I got to capture it! I will keep it forever! ❤ ❤ Thank you God for your Rainbow you gave to me that day! I sure do appreciated it, and most definitely needed to see it! It was such an unexpected blessing and I will treasure it all my days!  At first I did not want to share this for IT IS MY RAINBOW! AND I WAS NOT TRYING TO SHARE IT WITH ANY! Do I think God literally made that rainbow for me? No, I would imagine not, but I tell you it sure did seem that way! Anyways I just thank God!  For God does know what I spoke and I thank God for that rainbow that day from the bottom of my heart! So prophetic it was! (is) I wish people knew the things I prayed but honestly that was between me and God! Just really thankful it was there because God does know I really needed that sign and again God I just thank you sooo much!

Genesis 9:13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.


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