The Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus washes us clean. What does this mean they say? It means go investigate why Jesus died for us. and truthfully I suggest you do it with an open heart, an open mind, and open ears my friends. I pray you sit at the Lord’s feet and incline your ears to every Word the proceeds from the mouth of Jesus. You can find such things in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. May you read the books after too, and honestly the whole Holy Bible.

Some will say God only spoke to the nation of Israel, or a certain skin color, religion, yada yada, I mean no offense, sorry. but I say it is truth when God created all people. I pray many read their beginning of the bible. Good to do so when you listen to Jesus my friends. Don’t get lost in old testament but take Jesus with you in it!

Instead of virgins births, and religion again I pray people go read about the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. For it is this blood that created us a new covenant which was not new but forgotten my friends. The death of Jesus sets us free. when people go read it. Some come to new testament with anger, with hate. their minds are all ready made up and some will never see, others will consider such things. I pray many take it to prayer and bible reading.

I also suggest you guys grow in GOD. Examine scriptures. watch what God speaks. and may God open your eyes and let it be revealed there is no mystery with God. God spoke from the beginning Commands that saved our life. For God has loved us from the very second God created us in fact God loved us before then even. because God’s plan was completed before it was even laid down and that is truth friends. Exodus Chapter 20 is lovely, Hebrews is good from beginning to end friend. Gotta love John Chapter 8, and what did God say to Cain? am I my brother’s keeper?, Cain said. Genesis Chapter 4, Go read it! and THANK JESUS FOR BEING BROTHER TO ALL! For honestly Cain said no and murdered Abel. and Jesus spoke right down to the Righteous Blood of Abel this generation shall answer for the innocent blood. It is time to stop fighting. God told us to sin not. Sin is death and that is truth of the bible.

God is not religion. and honestly men should never think of God as religion and those who do are more then likely in bondage and in subjugation
to their religion. and honestly God bless some of these people. for some of them genuinely love God and others don’t. I know not who is who, for honestly my eyes are on me and Jesus.

I do love church and even religions have their purpose, but honestly I pray many people just sit with God and work out their own salvation, and if you are holy stay holy, may the Righteous keep doing as they are doing and may the sinners be saved. not those who love their sin. But the broken sinners who confess they are sinners and want not to sin anymore. May God give you a complete body make over, mind, body, soul and spirit. Those are my prayers friend.

I know not who is reading. I judge none. I can not see you. but I tell you sin does not go unpunished. Deeds are not hidden. God has loved us from the beginning and still loves us today my friends. God’s love is greater then anything anyone can imagine in earth. For Jesus spoke of some heavenly things and look at the division it caused. and Jesus spoke. If I speak of earthly things and you can not believe, How can you understand heavenly things my friends?

I am not of this world, and neither is my speech. I believe those are the things Jesus spoke out loud in the crowds my friends. i think it wise to go take a look and see for your self. Do it when nobody’s watching. Again go to God with open ears, open hearts, open minds and pray for wisdom to walk with God in earth. Just my advice. I consider it good. I give it to all my friends even if they don’t want to hear it, and I say guys sorry but you know me, I would not be me if I did not keep it real. have a wonderful day dear people and I truly pray this message enlighten many and give you strength to go seek God my friends. have a wonderful blessed day!

Written by Michelle for the people!

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