Praise and Thanksgiving!

Dear God we come into your courts with praise and thanksgiving! We come into your presence with open arms and open lips and we give you thanks for today, for tomorrow, how ever many days we have numbered, we give them to you oh God! How GREAT is your Faithfulness!(not a question, but a statement!) How WONDERFUL is your renewing! Only you know our days, our years, our fears, our thoughts, our intentions, the hidden sin we give them all to you GOD! Wash us clean!

Deliver your people! GOD write with in a new song. Create us a new heart. A heart of worship, a heart of praise, a heart that will sing Glory to Your Name! We honor you with our hearts God, and let our lips not be far behind! Line up our whole bodies GOD create us in your frame, and let it be a beautiful image that you can see shining in earth for your glory GOD!

How WONDERFUL is our Maker! How glorious is JESUS! He is King and His Crown is soooooooo shiny!!! It gives LIFE to the earth. It gives LIGHT to all kingdoms, to all nations, and ye even all people in earth. and that LIGHT is so GREAT, it shines in the very pits of the darkest parts of hell. and GOD spoke, Let my people go. You have no power over them. I made them! I created them. I am the one who sits at the gates. I call my people and they hear my voice. They see the Light and they come forth! Get behind me devils. You can not cross over! but my people being held captive, Who I know by name, they shall be delivered to me for they are mine and what I create no man, or devil can take from the hands who created all things!

Make your path bright for us GOD! So we do not slip,so we do not fall, so we are not blinded, God help those who have fallen in the ditch. Catch us oh God, for only you can save us from the snares the enemy has created for us. Help those who have fallen by the wayside. Help us not fall away oh God, and if anything be crooked God, We give you praise for only you can make crooked things straight!

HALLELUJAH! that is the GOD I serve! Notice I did not add an “s” to it. because there is only GOD my friends and praise Jesus FOR COMING IN THE FLESH! For rising up His people. For calling us out of darkness and into Light and guiding us into the gates of the city! By His WORDS we shall hear! and we shall obey, and they are LIFE unto us!

God I come into your courts with praise and thanksgiving! I thank you for the mighty deliverance that you are performing! I praise you for your goodness! For your healing! for your miraculous work GOD! It is better to be a door keeper in the House of God and even by the gates singing praise then to have the gates of hades be closed on you my friends! men can not praise God in their graves. Tomorrow is promised to not one person on earth. each day we rise. make a WONDERFUL noise to GOD friends. Give GOD thanks. Praise GOD’s Name and I pray all things we do be pleasing to GOD, and if you know not GOD I pray GOD manifest The Holy Spirit in all things you do. have a blessed day dear people!

There is a reason Jesus had say over the unclean spirits my friends. for the ONE who has say over all things, Commands the spirits. GOD is the same today, tomorrow and forevermore and the devil only has say over what GOD allows! Jesus is the ONE that came with keys. He is the gate. He is the door and truly no man on earth will see GOD without going through JESUS. There is no other way, no other path, Just JESUS my friends!

There are many gods on planet earth. many paths to many destruction. worship foreign objects. give up all your money and your deeds shall send you captive to the gods each man has chosen. I pray we sit with GOD, Sit with Jesus who has say over unclean spirits and ask GOD to wash us clean. That is just my advice friends, spoken to any who will receive it it. have a blessed WONDERFUL day dear people!

This was written by Michelle Stokes. To GOD and for GOD, may GOD use it greatly and GOD add unto GOD daily, in Jesus name Amen! Come into God’s kingdom (presence) with praise, thanksgiving, a broken heart,  a shattered spirit, and the Potter will truly shape you into something new that both you and GOD will be proud of and that is truth my friends! Repentance is key. Holiness is still Right by God. God can have mercy on sin, mercy should not be played with, neither taken for granted. Please don’t stay stagnant. Grow in to man and woman who obey, hear, and listen.

I pray many get pass the baby stage and just walk as God’s Children, I do pray there be man and woman who lead by example. For we can not all stay babies in Christ my friends. I pray many grow in GOD.  Written in more love then many people ever could or will imagine and that is truth friends! Love you guys! I pray many of us follow Jesus and see with their own eyes why so many of us professing Jesus with our hearts. We are not doing these things in vain my friends. let all who have eyes see, and may you test and try the goodness of God, find it and keep it forevermore! Food for thought and growth! Shalom dear people!

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