My speech

My speech is almost always bible. My thoughts are always on God. My heart God owns! I give to God of my own will. I surrender my will to God. I apologize to people who do not want to hear about God, but I don’t know how to separate God from anything I do anymore, and honestly if I did know how, I would not want to! For when I was separated from God it was the worst thing in planet earth and I believe nothing in planet earth or even death can ever separate me from Jesus and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS MY FRIENDS!

As I did before, I do now and for the rest of my days on planet earth this is how it will be. I use to teach the bible. I use to preach the Gospel. Now I speak the WORD and I pray it lead many to reading the Word and even if you do not read it, since it is the WORD spoken I know the things GOD is capable of doing with words friends!

To all who don’t know me or are new to following me. If you listen to my speech you might want to go search the scripture because most of my speech is the WORD and most don’t know it for they never seek the scriptures. and others know the Word and they come to my page and try and rebuke me with scriptures. then their hearts get convicted and they never come back to apologize but then all of a sudden my message they speak to their own followers. I have witnessed this for over a decade, and truth be told I am not offended by it. I have even seen others steal my work and write books and get paid for my labor.

The things they wrote, they did not get of their own it was given to me, and I spoke it and they took credit for it. and truth be told I am not mad at you, or any who do such things. but since all things I ever spoke have been given for free and given for LIFE to God’s people, I pray any who steal the things I say God just deal with them and honestly I believe God will. because stealing truly is wrong and I believe God can deliver you. I was once a thief too, many years ago, and God delivered me! so I believe God can deliver thieves until this day. and if your hearts is set on stealing. My heart is set on Jesus my friends and that is truth regardless of your actions!

Today is a new day. I don’t want to preach to anybody. I do not care to judge because truth be told God does not judge us. Sin is judged. Sin has always been judged. (judged=punished!) that is why God commands us to not do it. Sin is death my friends! People have free will and honestly I am at a point in my life I just want to praise the LORD for the rest of my days!! I LOVE WORSHIPING! man I tell you I can not sing but WHAT JOY IT GIVES ME TO SING PRAISES TO GOD! and this is where I will sit from now until eternity, and forever more! This is what GOD revealed to me and I believe!

There are many who love to teach, so teach, so many love to preach, preach on! but personally I think it tiring to speak to ears that don’t want to hear. So I pray God I speak, and YOU GOD bring people who will listen and if any man want to argue. feel free to wrestle with GOD and may you be like Jacob who wrestling with GOD had a great purpose and GOD used it in a mighty way. but others just came to argue because they serve a different master and always will and their names are not written in the Book of LIFE. and honestly I do not pray for those people but at the same time I have, for I never know who GOD can change but I do know some will never change.

Trying to figure out GOD is confusing and if you don’t know GOD you can lose your soul seeking men’s knowledge. this I know true! all you have to do is read comments and watch many of these debates people have and by the lips of many, I see the repercussions of such and also I know what half truths did to me in life, it is doing the same to others. Half truth is confusion. God spoke that those who are not His would run around in confusion, written several places in the Word several different ways my friend.

Either way. I speak the Word and honestly I don’t want to teach it. I pray any who seek the Word, that the Holy Bible just fall right open to the things I say and may GOD use it to call you into GOD my friends. (call you out of sin. for that truly is the simplicity of the WORD, it is also LIFE to us people, any who listen and hardened not their hearts to God who says sin not) Follow JESUS!

In the meanwhile a new day is beginning in my house. I am excited to share it but I spoke some things take time, as a woman who loves the LORD, I just pray everything I do be used for God’s glory. The religious people will soon come, so will those who came to argue law, and by the time you arrive I will be so far in GOD, I will not respond to arguing but instead be so busying praising GOD! I pray you can do the same thing. Because that is where my heart is, that is where my mind is and honestly there is no place else I would rather be and that is truth friends.

I wrote this not to boast or brag. I wrote for those who come and see my speech, some will say I am crazy, others will say I am highly favored and loved by God and others will say I am possessed by a devil and to all you people, I am not a worldly label! God calls my “My Child” as it is written any who sit with Jesus and listen will be called by GOD, who is Father to all people but not all will be called “My Child”

For there are those who obey, and others who do not, and others came to point fingers at others so they do not look at self. and that is just what it is friends. anyways I am off to worship God. it is the best thing in my life and I am just glad to be alive so i can do such things! Sorry I don’t want to waste one second of my time remaining in earth,arguing with any. Even if I live 40 more years that is still not enough time to praise GOD, FOR GOD HAS BEEN WONDERFUL TO ME FRIENDS!

I pray many find the WONDERS of GOD, and GOD BE WONDERFUL TO YOU MY FRIENDS! that GOD not be a mystery, or a puzzle, or a riddle people try and solve, But understand GOD says not to sin for LIFE unto us and Jesus came in LIFE so I do pray many follow Jesus. In the meanwhile stay tuned. I am changing things up and hopefully everything I do will just be shown to the public for all to see and view. God bless us and I do pray God fill many with a true delight to seek God, and when we do such things let it become a life change! not a show we put on for churches. Those are my prayers. Have a blessed day dear people!

Also please don’t forsake the assembly. Churches were suppose to be created for things greater then the pastors house and car and there are some true churches of God that do love the LORD and they have homeless shelters, they feed the hungered and honestly they are doing Right by GOD. I do know there are many bad churches also. Do some homework. See who is doing Right by God. I say pray and ask God to lead you to Church that is planted in the Word and if you live in the desert pray you become the church my friends. and God’s Church was not laid by stone it was created in flesh, bone, blood and spirit.

The Book of Revelation was written to churches. Paul’s letters were written to churches. God spoke a message to the churches and the sinners for both are GOD’s! I pray many of us be lead by GOD so we can grow in discernment my friends. I only wrote this for the new followers who come. Follow JESUS! Shalom dear people!

2 thoughts on “My speech

  1. God Bless You Sister Michelle..You continue about God’s Will. Allow the Holy Spirit to use you in His Mighty Way. Continue Allowing Him too direct you in what He calls you to do in His Name. The Lord has said that the Harvest is Plentiful, it is the Labors that are few. May we continue His children pray ye for One another. Time is drawing near, we don’t know how close, but it is. Greater is He that is in you, then he that is in this world. So stay focus on Jesus Christ. May we continue praying ye for one another. The presence of Our Heavenly Father Is Watching over His children. It has been a Blessing to meet you. ((Hugs)) Shalom!! Agape!! 🙂

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