Let all who have lips

Praise the LORD dear people. I tell you when I say, I truly pray God give many a true desire to study the Word and delight in it. Sometimes the truth is bitter, sometimes it does not sit right in our stomachs. but just like some vegetables have god awful taste they have a purpose that is better then the taste.

I know in today’s generation not many even eat vegetables any more. In my generation they were forced on us. We could not leave until we finished our plates but that is a different subject. Today I just came on to praise the Lord. I love Psalms it is the first Book God ever lead me to in the Word and honestly it has been my delight and honor! See I did not follow Jesus but never did I know I was following Jesus. God knew me my friends. I would not even look upon Jesus I know I am a sinner.

Man that is so powerful. and God lead me to David and I did as David did. Psalms 31 is the first place God ever lead me to scripture. That is the first chapter I read from beginning to end. I read it over and over. I was that reproach. I did not know what that word meant I looked it. Up I had so much sorrow in my heart. I said God of Abraham, God of Isaac. God David called on God who made the bible. and those were the first prayers I remembered seeing God clearly. but those were not the first prayers I said. nor were they my first prayers answered either. I say this for religious purposes.

religion had me totally confused me and I wanted nothing to do with churches and they wanted nothing to do with me. Was a different message the churches preached back then.  Without going too much in my testimony, I truly am reflecting on the Word. I love Psalm 119. Certain verses really spoke to my heart and still do until this day. Psalm 119:11 what a powerful verse all by itself. other verses really jumped out at me also. Anyways since then I have read my bible. and honestly not only did I call out to God as that.

I called out to Jesus, I said God. I said LORD help me. I prayed in my tongues. I prayed out my tongues. I saw God before I was baptized in Jesus name. I heard God as a kid. I say this because I can not give credit to one religion or other names on planet earth except Jesus my friends. I called Jesus, Jehovah also because of a wonderful song I sing. I looked up Jehovah and honestly it says Jehovah means LORD-GOD. which I use to sing Jehovah Jireh my provider, which is what Jehovah Jireh mean. Jehovah Rapha (LORD-GOD who heals) , Jehova Nissi (The LORD-GOD my banner)

As I studied and grew in GOD, God revealed to me fighting over names is foolish but it has a purpose and Jesus is the name God say speak, so I listen, But honestly God is above names my friends. God sees our hearts. and truth be told when people study names J was not created, it was Y and even some will never even speak God’s name, so they shorted it. Considered it “too holy” to say.

I write these things so people get past religion and truly I pray many can get to where I am. Be at peace. Trust the Lord, rest and wait on God. Praise the Lord. Lift up His Name. Worship GOD everyday in spirit and in truth and in let it be life.  Not an act. let it be what you live friends.

Jesus is not broken. God looks past the language barrier, men do not. God looks at our hearts. Jesus is the way. Jesus is LIFE and in my house and my language Jesus is the name given to me and I am thankful for this name. Seems to be a Mighty Name! people sure seem to fight over this name just the same as they did the invisible Creator. I mean men have warred over God’s name in the past also. I pray it don’t be a stumbling block. I pray people can move past names and sit with Jesus. Sit in the Word and delight in it.

There are so many speaking Jesus you can find many teachers all over.  You can find many speaking in other languages, if that is where your heart is. seek them out my friends.  I know not where you are in your walk, I know not your language, nor your heart.  I pray we can just get to a place were we worship God my friends. those are my prayers. Tonight I am reflecting in Matthew. Even though I mentioned Psalms I was just sharing scriptures. I delight in these things!

Let all things praise the LORD! Psalm chapter 150! Shalom dear people!

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