Bless these Words!

Bless these words oh God. Let them not go out empty or return void, but use them for your glory, your honor in Jesus name Amen! I pray God can use this to help many people find Jesus. In this video I said let all men be liars at least two times. For all those who do not know God and understand God’s speech, I say, I do not pray all men lie, but that we sit with God. For not all who speak God lie, but how will you know who is who if we never examine the scripture? if we follow men blindly, how do we know if they come in the Name of God, or not?  I speak these things praying God use them for the glory of God and lead us to TRUTH in the WORD. it is great to sit with elders. But it is also good to sit with GOD who gives ALL, wisdom who seek for it. They say God is not a respecter of people, that is just half scripture. For just the same as it has been in days of old, it is still today. GOD rewards  those who seek diligently. Seek earnestly my friends. and I do pray God change men so that the old liars, be truth tellers my friends, May the former things pass away, and may it be A WONDERFUL TESTIMONY of God’s unchanging hands! Have a blessed day dear people.

A pastor can only feed you so much scripture. But honestly if you are not eating daily on your own. The pastors works are in vain. and a pastor speaking truth for GOD shall be rewarded. The one who does not eat the truth shall be punished!  I pray many grow in GOD and understand instead of looking at pastors and what others are doing we say Lord here I am. help me do good in the land of the living. Help me be different God. be difference to make a difference. If everyone is doing wrong. pray GOD help “me” do good. David said “I” will serve the LORD. I pray many of get a heart of David WITHOUT THE LUST! wash us clean oh GOD. The flesh loves to lust and loves lusting the things of the world. I pray many start seeking the Word and may we thirst and hunger and yearn for it just the same as many of us do our sexual desires in Jesus name Amen!



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