Let all who have lips

Praise the LORD dear people. I tell you when I say, I truly pray God give many a true desire to study the Word and delight in it. Sometimes the truth is bitter, sometimes it does not sit right in our stomachs. but just like some vegetables have god awful taste they have a purpose that is better then the taste.

I know in today’s generation not many even eat vegetables any more. In my generation they were forced on us. We could not leave until we finished our plates but that is a different subject. Today I just came on to praise the Lord. I love Psalms it is the first Book God ever lead me to in the Word and honestly it has been my delight and honor! See I did not follow Jesus but never did I know I was following Jesus. God knew me my friends. I would not even look upon Jesus I know I am a sinner.

Man that is so powerful. and God lead me to David and I did as David did. Psalms 31 is the first place God ever lead me to scripture. That is the first chapter I read from beginning to end. I read it over and over. I was that reproach. I did not know what that word meant I looked it. Up I had so much sorrow in my heart. I said God of Abraham, God of Isaac. God David called on God who made the bible. and those were the first prayers I remembered seeing God clearly. but those were not the first prayers I said. nor were they my first prayers answered either. I say this for religious purposes.

religion had me totally confused me and I wanted nothing to do with churches and they wanted nothing to do with me. Was a different message the churches preached back then.  Without going too much in my testimony, I truly am reflecting on the Word. I love Psalm 119. Certain verses really spoke to my heart and still do until this day. Psalm 119:11 what a powerful verse all by itself. other verses really jumped out at me also. Anyways since then I have read my bible. and honestly not only did I call out to God as that.

I called out to Jesus, I said God. I said LORD help me. I prayed in my tongues. I prayed out my tongues. I saw God before I was baptized in Jesus name. I heard God as a kid. I say this because I can not give credit to one religion or other names on planet earth except Jesus my friends. I called Jesus, Jehovah also because of a wonderful song I sing. I looked up Jehovah and honestly it says Jehovah means LORD-GOD. which I use to sing Jehovah Jireh my provider, which is what Jehovah Jireh mean. Jehovah Rapha (LORD-GOD who heals) , Jehova Nissi (The LORD-GOD my banner)

As I studied and grew in GOD, God revealed to me fighting over names is foolish but it has a purpose and Jesus is the name God say speak, so I listen, But honestly God is above names my friends. God sees our hearts. and truth be told when people study names J was not created, it was Y and even some will never even speak God’s name, so they shorted it. Considered it “too holy” to say.

I write these things so people get past religion and truly I pray many can get to where I am. Be at peace. Trust the Lord, rest and wait on God. Praise the Lord. Lift up His Name. Worship GOD everyday in spirit and in truth and in let it be life.  Not an act. let it be what you live friends.

Jesus is not broken. God looks past the language barrier, men do not. God looks at our hearts. Jesus is the way. Jesus is LIFE and in my house and my language Jesus is the name given to me and I am thankful for this name. Seems to be a Mighty Name! people sure seem to fight over this name just the same as they did the invisible Creator. I mean men have warred over God’s name in the past also. I pray it don’t be a stumbling block. I pray people can move past names and sit with Jesus. Sit in the Word and delight in it.

There are so many speaking Jesus you can find many teachers all over.  You can find many speaking in other languages, if that is where your heart is. seek them out my friends.  I know not where you are in your walk, I know not your language, nor your heart.  I pray we can just get to a place were we worship God my friends. those are my prayers. Tonight I am reflecting in Matthew. Even though I mentioned Psalms I was just sharing scriptures. I delight in these things!

Let all things praise the LORD! Psalm chapter 150! Shalom dear people!

The Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus washes us clean. What does this mean they say? It means go investigate why Jesus died for us. and truthfully I suggest you do it with an open heart, an open mind, and open ears my friends. I pray you sit at the Lord’s feet and incline your ears to every Word the proceeds from the mouth of Jesus. You can find such things in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. May you read the books after too, and honestly the whole Holy Bible.

Some will say God only spoke to the nation of Israel, or a certain skin color, religion, yada yada, I mean no offense, sorry. but I say it is truth when God created all people. I pray many read their beginning of the bible. Good to do so when you listen to Jesus my friends. Don’t get lost in old testament but take Jesus with you in it!

Instead of virgins births, and religion again I pray people go read about the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. For it is this blood that created us a new covenant which was not new but forgotten my friends. The death of Jesus sets us free. when people go read it. Some come to new testament with anger, with hate. their minds are all ready made up and some will never see, others will consider such things. I pray many take it to prayer and bible reading.

I also suggest you guys grow in GOD. Examine scriptures. watch what God speaks. and may God open your eyes and let it be revealed there is no mystery with God. God spoke from the beginning Commands that saved our life. For God has loved us from the very second God created us in fact God loved us before then even. because God’s plan was completed before it was even laid down and that is truth friends. Exodus Chapter 20 is lovely, Hebrews is good from beginning to end friend. Gotta love John Chapter 8, and what did God say to Cain? am I my brother’s keeper?, Cain said. Genesis Chapter 4, Go read it! and THANK JESUS FOR BEING BROTHER TO ALL! For honestly Cain said no and murdered Abel. and Jesus spoke right down to the Righteous Blood of Abel this generation shall answer for the innocent blood. It is time to stop fighting. God told us to sin not. Sin is death and that is truth of the bible.

God is not religion. and honestly men should never think of God as religion and those who do are more then likely in bondage and in subjugation
to their religion. and honestly God bless some of these people. for some of them genuinely love God and others don’t. I know not who is who, for honestly my eyes are on me and Jesus.

I do love church and even religions have their purpose, but honestly I pray many people just sit with God and work out their own salvation, and if you are holy stay holy, may the Righteous keep doing as they are doing and may the sinners be saved. not those who love their sin. But the broken sinners who confess they are sinners and want not to sin anymore. May God give you a complete body make over, mind, body, soul and spirit. Those are my prayers friend.

I know not who is reading. I judge none. I can not see you. but I tell you sin does not go unpunished. Deeds are not hidden. God has loved us from the beginning and still loves us today my friends. God’s love is greater then anything anyone can imagine in earth. For Jesus spoke of some heavenly things and look at the division it caused. and Jesus spoke. If I speak of earthly things and you can not believe, How can you understand heavenly things my friends?

I am not of this world, and neither is my speech. I believe those are the things Jesus spoke out loud in the crowds my friends. i think it wise to go take a look and see for your self. Do it when nobody’s watching. Again go to God with open ears, open hearts, open minds and pray for wisdom to walk with God in earth. Just my advice. I consider it good. I give it to all my friends even if they don’t want to hear it, and I say guys sorry but you know me, I would not be me if I did not keep it real. have a wonderful day dear people and I truly pray this message enlighten many and give you strength to go seek God my friends. have a wonderful blessed day!

Written by Michelle for the people!

My speech

My speech is almost always bible. My thoughts are always on God. My heart God owns! I give to God of my own will. I surrender my will to God. I apologize to people who do not want to hear about God, but I don’t know how to separate God from anything I do anymore, and honestly if I did know how, I would not want to! For when I was separated from God it was the worst thing in planet earth and I believe nothing in planet earth or even death can ever separate me from Jesus and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS MY FRIENDS!

As I did before, I do now and for the rest of my days on planet earth this is how it will be. I use to teach the bible. I use to preach the Gospel. Now I speak the WORD and I pray it lead many to reading the Word and even if you do not read it, since it is the WORD spoken I know the things GOD is capable of doing with words friends!

To all who don’t know me or are new to following me. If you listen to my speech you might want to go search the scripture because most of my speech is the WORD and most don’t know it for they never seek the scriptures. and others know the Word and they come to my page and try and rebuke me with scriptures. then their hearts get convicted and they never come back to apologize but then all of a sudden my message they speak to their own followers. I have witnessed this for over a decade, and truth be told I am not offended by it. I have even seen others steal my work and write books and get paid for my labor.

The things they wrote, they did not get of their own it was given to me, and I spoke it and they took credit for it. and truth be told I am not mad at you, or any who do such things. but since all things I ever spoke have been given for free and given for LIFE to God’s people, I pray any who steal the things I say God just deal with them and honestly I believe God will. because stealing truly is wrong and I believe God can deliver you. I was once a thief too, many years ago, and God delivered me! so I believe God can deliver thieves until this day. and if your hearts is set on stealing. My heart is set on Jesus my friends and that is truth regardless of your actions!

Today is a new day. I don’t want to preach to anybody. I do not care to judge because truth be told God does not judge us. Sin is judged. Sin has always been judged. (judged=punished!) that is why God commands us to not do it. Sin is death my friends! People have free will and honestly I am at a point in my life I just want to praise the LORD for the rest of my days!! I LOVE WORSHIPING! man I tell you I can not sing but WHAT JOY IT GIVES ME TO SING PRAISES TO GOD! and this is where I will sit from now until eternity, and forever more! This is what GOD revealed to me and I believe!

There are many who love to teach, so teach, so many love to preach, preach on! but personally I think it tiring to speak to ears that don’t want to hear. So I pray God I speak, and YOU GOD bring people who will listen and if any man want to argue. feel free to wrestle with GOD and may you be like Jacob who wrestling with GOD had a great purpose and GOD used it in a mighty way. but others just came to argue because they serve a different master and always will and their names are not written in the Book of LIFE. and honestly I do not pray for those people but at the same time I have, for I never know who GOD can change but I do know some will never change.

Trying to figure out GOD is confusing and if you don’t know GOD you can lose your soul seeking men’s knowledge. this I know true! all you have to do is read comments and watch many of these debates people have and by the lips of many, I see the repercussions of such and also I know what half truths did to me in life, it is doing the same to others. Half truth is confusion. God spoke that those who are not His would run around in confusion, written several places in the Word several different ways my friend.

Either way. I speak the Word and honestly I don’t want to teach it. I pray any who seek the Word, that the Holy Bible just fall right open to the things I say and may GOD use it to call you into GOD my friends. (call you out of sin. for that truly is the simplicity of the WORD, it is also LIFE to us people, any who listen and hardened not their hearts to God who says sin not) Follow JESUS!

In the meanwhile a new day is beginning in my house. I am excited to share it but I spoke some things take time, as a woman who loves the LORD, I just pray everything I do be used for God’s glory. The religious people will soon come, so will those who came to argue law, and by the time you arrive I will be so far in GOD, I will not respond to arguing but instead be so busying praising GOD! I pray you can do the same thing. Because that is where my heart is, that is where my mind is and honestly there is no place else I would rather be and that is truth friends.

I wrote this not to boast or brag. I wrote for those who come and see my speech, some will say I am crazy, others will say I am highly favored and loved by God and others will say I am possessed by a devil and to all you people, I am not a worldly label! God calls my “My Child” as it is written any who sit with Jesus and listen will be called by GOD, who is Father to all people but not all will be called “My Child”

For there are those who obey, and others who do not, and others came to point fingers at others so they do not look at self. and that is just what it is friends. anyways I am off to worship God. it is the best thing in my life and I am just glad to be alive so i can do such things! Sorry I don’t want to waste one second of my time remaining in earth,arguing with any. Even if I live 40 more years that is still not enough time to praise GOD, FOR GOD HAS BEEN WONDERFUL TO ME FRIENDS!

I pray many find the WONDERS of GOD, and GOD BE WONDERFUL TO YOU MY FRIENDS! that GOD not be a mystery, or a puzzle, or a riddle people try and solve, But understand GOD says not to sin for LIFE unto us and Jesus came in LIFE so I do pray many follow Jesus. In the meanwhile stay tuned. I am changing things up and hopefully everything I do will just be shown to the public for all to see and view. God bless us and I do pray God fill many with a true delight to seek God, and when we do such things let it become a life change! not a show we put on for churches. Those are my prayers. Have a blessed day dear people!

Also please don’t forsake the assembly. Churches were suppose to be created for things greater then the pastors house and car and there are some true churches of God that do love the LORD and they have homeless shelters, they feed the hungered and honestly they are doing Right by GOD. I do know there are many bad churches also. Do some homework. See who is doing Right by God. I say pray and ask God to lead you to Church that is planted in the Word and if you live in the desert pray you become the church my friends. and God’s Church was not laid by stone it was created in flesh, bone, blood and spirit.

The Book of Revelation was written to churches. Paul’s letters were written to churches. God spoke a message to the churches and the sinners for both are GOD’s! I pray many of us be lead by GOD so we can grow in discernment my friends. I only wrote this for the new followers who come. Follow JESUS! Shalom dear people!

Bless these Words!

Bless these words oh God. Let them not go out empty or return void, but use them for your glory, your honor in Jesus name Amen! I pray God can use this to help many people find Jesus. In this video I said let all men be liars at least two times. For all those who do not know God and understand God’s speech, I say, I do not pray all men lie, but that we sit with God. For not all who speak God lie, but how will you know who is who if we never examine the scripture? if we follow men blindly, how do we know if they come in the Name of God, or not?  I speak these things praying God use them for the glory of God and lead us to TRUTH in the WORD. it is great to sit with elders. But it is also good to sit with GOD who gives ALL, wisdom who seek for it. They say God is not a respecter of people, that is just half scripture. For just the same as it has been in days of old, it is still today. GOD rewards  those who seek diligently. Seek earnestly my friends. and I do pray God change men so that the old liars, be truth tellers my friends, May the former things pass away, and may it be A WONDERFUL TESTIMONY of God’s unchanging hands! Have a blessed day dear people.

A pastor can only feed you so much scripture. But honestly if you are not eating daily on your own. The pastors works are in vain. and a pastor speaking truth for GOD shall be rewarded. The one who does not eat the truth shall be punished!  I pray many grow in GOD and understand instead of looking at pastors and what others are doing we say Lord here I am. help me do good in the land of the living. Help me be different God. be difference to make a difference. If everyone is doing wrong. pray GOD help “me” do good. David said “I” will serve the LORD. I pray many of get a heart of David WITHOUT THE LUST! wash us clean oh GOD. The flesh loves to lust and loves lusting the things of the world. I pray many start seeking the Word and may we thirst and hunger and yearn for it just the same as many of us do our sexual desires in Jesus name Amen!



Prophet or Fortune Teller?

I pray these be words for people to consider. Gold does not have a soul. buildings are not living. God’s Spirit is TRUTH! and God DOES bare witness of GOD, and there will be signs and wonders! as the same it has always been with GOD! When GOD speak it comes to pass. I pray these words bless the listener. Have a blessed day dear people! This was spoken for spiritual growth and discernment! Again may they be words to consider friends! Shalom. Created in the utmost love for the listener! May the love of GOD be with us and lead us to ALL TRUTH, wisdom and understanding, in Jesus name Amen!

Praise and Thanksgiving!

Dear God we come into your courts with praise and thanksgiving! We come into your presence with open arms and open lips and we give you thanks for today, for tomorrow, how ever many days we have numbered, we give them to you oh God! How GREAT is your Faithfulness!(not a question, but a statement!) How WONDERFUL is your renewing! Only you know our days, our years, our fears, our thoughts, our intentions, the hidden sin we give them all to you GOD! Wash us clean!

Deliver your people! GOD write with in a new song. Create us a new heart. A heart of worship, a heart of praise, a heart that will sing Glory to Your Name! We honor you with our hearts God, and let our lips not be far behind! Line up our whole bodies GOD create us in your frame, and let it be a beautiful image that you can see shining in earth for your glory GOD!

How WONDERFUL is our Maker! How glorious is JESUS! He is King and His Crown is soooooooo shiny!!! It gives LIFE to the earth. It gives LIGHT to all kingdoms, to all nations, and ye even all people in earth. and that LIGHT is so GREAT, it shines in the very pits of the darkest parts of hell. and GOD spoke, Let my people go. You have no power over them. I made them! I created them. I am the one who sits at the gates. I call my people and they hear my voice. They see the Light and they come forth! Get behind me devils. You can not cross over! but my people being held captive, Who I know by name, they shall be delivered to me for they are mine and what I create no man, or devil can take from the hands who created all things!

Make your path bright for us GOD! So we do not slip,so we do not fall, so we are not blinded, God help those who have fallen in the ditch. Catch us oh God, for only you can save us from the snares the enemy has created for us. Help those who have fallen by the wayside. Help us not fall away oh God, and if anything be crooked God, We give you praise for only you can make crooked things straight!

HALLELUJAH! that is the GOD I serve! Notice I did not add an “s” to it. because there is only GOD my friends and praise Jesus FOR COMING IN THE FLESH! For rising up His people. For calling us out of darkness and into Light and guiding us into the gates of the city! By His WORDS we shall hear! and we shall obey, and they are LIFE unto us!

God I come into your courts with praise and thanksgiving! I thank you for the mighty deliverance that you are performing! I praise you for your goodness! For your healing! for your miraculous work GOD! It is better to be a door keeper in the House of God and even by the gates singing praise then to have the gates of hades be closed on you my friends! men can not praise God in their graves. Tomorrow is promised to not one person on earth. each day we rise. make a WONDERFUL noise to GOD friends. Give GOD thanks. Praise GOD’s Name and I pray all things we do be pleasing to GOD, and if you know not GOD I pray GOD manifest The Holy Spirit in all things you do. have a blessed day dear people!

There is a reason Jesus had say over the unclean spirits my friends. for the ONE who has say over all things, Commands the spirits. GOD is the same today, tomorrow and forevermore and the devil only has say over what GOD allows! Jesus is the ONE that came with keys. He is the gate. He is the door and truly no man on earth will see GOD without going through JESUS. There is no other way, no other path, Just JESUS my friends!

There are many gods on planet earth. many paths to many destruction. worship foreign objects. give up all your money and your deeds shall send you captive to the gods each man has chosen. I pray we sit with GOD, Sit with Jesus who has say over unclean spirits and ask GOD to wash us clean. That is just my advice friends, spoken to any who will receive it it. have a blessed WONDERFUL day dear people!

This was written by Michelle Stokes. To GOD and for GOD, may GOD use it greatly and GOD add unto GOD daily, in Jesus name Amen! Come into God’s kingdom (presence) with praise, thanksgiving, a broken heart,  a shattered spirit, and the Potter will truly shape you into something new that both you and GOD will be proud of and that is truth my friends! Repentance is key. Holiness is still Right by God. God can have mercy on sin, mercy should not be played with, neither taken for granted. Please don’t stay stagnant. Grow in to man and woman who obey, hear, and listen.

I pray many get pass the baby stage and just walk as God’s Children, I do pray there be man and woman who lead by example. For we can not all stay babies in Christ my friends. I pray many grow in GOD.  Written in more love then many people ever could or will imagine and that is truth friends! Love you guys! I pray many of us follow Jesus and see with their own eyes why so many of us professing Jesus with our hearts. We are not doing these things in vain my friends. let all who have eyes see, and may you test and try the goodness of God, find it and keep it forevermore! Food for thought and growth! Shalom dear people!